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Life is hard. It sucks most of the time. But the two things I feel which hold you up whenever you are having those “moments” are: a loving and super-supportive family and a couple of trustworthy and motivating friends.

Supportive family

Who hasn’t faced failures? There is absolutely nobody on the face of Earth who has gone from one success to another without any lows right from the moment he/she stepped out of his/her mother’s womb.

Failures are inevitable and very hard to face especially when you are alone. There will be innumerable times when you have worked very hard for something and hoped for it to be successful and it just isn’t. You fail. At that point, it’s hard to get up. And this I am saying from personal experience.

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Since I was a child, I have faced my own share of difficulties which I feel were a bit more than what other people whom I knew at that point or I know now (I don’t know, I may be wrong also) faced. I have failed a hell lot of times. I have failed in things which didn’t matter that much and in things which I dearly wanted to succeed in. Last year was particularly tough for me because I dreamed of cracking an examination. It was so important to me that I made it a life or death situation (yes, I’m a nerd) but I failed. A person/friend whom I trusted so much and held in a very high regard proved me wrong in many ways I never imagined he would (and this is just a glimpse of my share of the dark days).

And when these things happened all I wanted to do was give up trying and ask God questions like “why me?” “why again?”

But I soon realized that instead of blaming God for what went wrong, I should thank Him for the things He gave me without even asking. He gave me a loving supportive family. A family, I know, which would never demotivate me when I fail and never support me if I stop trying.  My dad literally shouts at me when I feel low and makes the entire situation look like a “no big deal” even if it’s a big deal. My mom sends me inspirational quotes and videos over Whatsapp to keep me motivated. My elder brother pumps me up every time I fail. Never ever did my family tell me that I am not capable enough to achieve anything in life.

As for friends, I have only a handful. Yes, all other people whom I might call “friends” are merely acquaintances whom I talk to sometimes. But I have only three to four close friends who are there for me when it’s difficult for me to cope up. They are the trustworthy ones who motivate me even when I feel I am good for nothing. They are goofy, crazy but so much fun to be with that I forget about my issues when I am hanging out with them.

Supporitve family

So the moral of the story is always be grateful for what you have no matter what you are going through. It can’t be worse than not having a family who supports you in pursuing your dreams and a couple of friends who believe you can do wonders!

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