Kamala Nehru College – Whenever I hear this name my heart genuinely fills with warmth and gratitude. It’s been one and a half years since I stepped out of the big iron gates of my beloved college and I still remember every moment I spent there with my weird group of friends.

Kamala Nehru College
KNC’s main building from where I started my journey

I have come across many people both during my college days and post that who asked me whether I was happy studying in a girls’ college or whether I was missing out on the “typical DU experience” because I wasn’t studying in a co-ed college. To those people, I just want to say,

“I am proud of being an alumnus of Kamala Nehru College and I enjoyed every second of being a student here. Spectacular and happening college life doesn’t mean you have to have guys with you. We girls made the best of our experience here and there is absolutely nothing to regret about ever!”

Also, “DU girls rock!!!”

So if someone asks me what all things I loved about my college, it would definitely include these:

#1. Our Dhinchak Campus Life

Now, most people think that there is absolutely no fun in studying at Delhi University if you don’t get to enjoy the “campus life” at North Campus.

Trust me, it’s not true. Although North Campus is fun but, every college in DU has its own perks which make every second of the college life worth it.

Kamala Nehru College
Our “coke station ke samne vala area”

Kamala Nehru College’s campus life was nothing less. We had an amazing atmosphere with a super amazing “chaupal” to hang out in. The chaupal would any day be one of my best memories of college.

Kamala Nehru College
This is how our chaupal looks like

It is this place where we used to hang out during breaks or while bunking our lectures, where we used to bring food from the canteen and eat it to our heart’s content, where we came to watch those amazing drama-soc auditions or the place where we used to make our secret hang out plans.  Another memory of our campus life here was foxy, the campus dog, who used to be an adorable companion to those boring group studies. Sometimes she would even hang out with us during our lectures at the chaupal.

Kamala Nehru College
And this is KNC’s beloved Foxy

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#2. KNC’s Canteen Be The Best

Oh, the canteen of our college!

It was undoubtedly the best canteen in the entire DU!

Kamala Nehru College
The Canteen

There isn’t a single lip-smacking food item that isn’t there in KNC’s canteen. From the standard fried rice, idli-dosa, pav-bhaji to delicious momos, honey chili potato, and chicken pasta, everything is on the menu!!!

I also remember our beloved Coke and Nescafe stations where we waited eagerly in lines to get our morning coffees with a yummy pastry or cheese crouton to go with. Oh, and how can I forget the donuts!

#3. KNC’s Societies Rule!

While talking about societies, Kamala Nehru College surely makes a mark.

KNC’s Lakshya, the theatre society is considered to be one of the best drama-socs in DU: the choreography society, Adagio continues to amaze students and teachers alike with their outstanding performances: the fashion society Glitz makes sure it stands out in every cultural fest happening and this is just to name a few. There are many more societies of KNC which showcase the profound talent that KNCiites have!!!

Kamala Nehru College
Enigma – The dance society
Kamala Nehru College
Lakshya – The theater society
Kamala Nehru College
Adagio – The Choreography society
Kamala Nehru College
Glitz – The Fashion Society

#4. My Economics Department

Last but definitely not least, a special mention to KNC’s Economics Department which not only taught me the intricacies of how the economy works in those three years but also helped in shaping the intelligent and mature person that I am today.

Kamala Nehru College
A glimpse of the beautiful wall paintings at KNC

And what made the experience of studying economics more memorable in this college was the darling faculty of this dept. I am glad that we got the privilege to study from the amazing professors of this college especially Monami ma’am who made public economics seem like the most interesting subject of all. Not only that, she also used to discuss a variety of political issues with us which gave us a different perspective on how things are in the real world (not to mention those wild “girl talks” we had during breaks).

So yeah it was an amazing experience being a KNCiite and given the chance, I would definitely go back to live those carefree college days because post-college, there is not a single person who does not reminisce on those sweet college memories.

Images Source: KNC’s official website

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