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 Whenever I ask someone what weather they like, most of them reply with “winters” and I am forced to think as to why people like winters. Yes, I realize that winters are about being cozy, having delicious hot food, and snuggling inside warm blankets.

However, I hate winters! The chilly winds, low temperatures, and gloomy weather of winter make me sad. I get upset over wearing layers and layers of clothes and become like a bear, who just constantly wants to sit in the blanket and wants to do nothing.

The only things I relish about winters are yummy-hot food and the sun! Yes, Sunny days make me happy.

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When the sun comes out, it is like a ray of motivation and blessing. I feel enthusiastic about getting out of bed, getting ready, and beginning my day. It is something about the sun that makes me love it. Or I should say that it boosts my serotonin level and that’s why it makes me happy.

Contrary to winters, which make me want to stay at home; the sunshine gives me the motivation to step outside and get my work done.

And lastly, sunshine symbolises “new beginnings” or “new days”. That’s why whenever I see the sunshine, even in summer, it gives me the zeal to get my work done and do things that I love like painting or dancing.

Yes, I am a sunshine girl and I just adore it. It makes everything look pretty- be it you, photographs, or nature. I think it won’t be wrong to say that “sunshine is my fuel”! 

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