With another year gone and a new decade setting in, with new hope and vigour, we are growing up. But do you know who isn’t growing up? Countless websites and magazines who suddenly become oracles with their articles on predictions like “10 Things That Will Be In Style This Year” or “Here’s What You Need In Your Wardrobe This Year” and the worst; “Here’s A List of The Fashion That Needs To Die.”

We all have seen such type of articles popping up on our feeds, with a lucrative title. As curious as we are, we all at one point have given in to temptations and peeked into them.

With no substantial piece of information or “predictions” as the articles promise us, these type of articles fall in the most disappointing spectrum of journalism.

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I am most offended by the fact that these articles and their predictions fail immensely by the end of the year. If you sit and check these articles, there’s an immense possibility that you’ll find yourself laughing at it. The weak ‘predictions’ suggest that these articles were formulated and made absolutely without any research.

How anyone can “predict” what is going to be ‘en vogue” right at the beginning of the year is beyond my comprehension at least!

I also noticed that most of the times, the ‘tone’ of the articles turns out to be incredibly condescending as well. As if not wearing a particular piece of clothing or accessories will make a person “trashy“!

Fashion and style are a form of self-expression. What you might like, may not be loved by someone else and what you don’t prefer might be preferred by the person next door. Why should we need to predict something as transient as fashion (it changes every day) in an already transitory world?

May these articles soon dissolve into oblivion and let sensible journalism take its place.

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