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Buzzfeed is an entertainment site that people browse for trending news articles, celebrity gossip, and quizzes. People start wrinkling their noses as soon as this ‘B-word’ is mentioned. 

I understand why so many people resent it, there are too many posts about the Kardashians. Some of their articles are the definition of ‘cringe’. However, I have always liked their quizzes. It may be because I don’t have to worry about getting the answer wrong and negative marking with Buzzfeed quizzes.

Buzzfeed Quizzes

When you mention that you enjoy something from this media group, people are quick to judge you. But I refuse to be embarrassed by it.

Why I Like Buzzfeed Quizzes

I am aware of the fact that these quizzes don’t help in increasing general knowledge or intelligence. But that’s not the purpose of these quizzes, I have dozens of books for enhancing my IQ score. I take these quizzes to pass some time and have some fun.

The quizzes ask you about your dream vacation spot, your dream house, etc. So, these quizzes aid in daydreaming and living in fantasy land for a while. The quizzes are a form of escapism and this is essentially the reason why most people enjoy these quizzes.

The results of these quizzes are usually positive, like the personality tests which highlight the special qualities of the quiz taker.

The result of the quizzes usually say something good about the quiz taker

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Then, there are quizzes about popular films and shows. I always beam with satisfaction when I ace these quizzes. My history may be weak but I excel in Westeros related questions.

I also like the quizzes that tell you about the fictional characters that you resemble the most. I think it brings the fans closer to the characters they admire so much. I relish the fact that I share some traits with Hermione Granger and Paris Geller.

Quizzes that tell you which fictional character you resemble the most

Disliking Buzzfeed Because It Caters To Women

Most things liked by women, be it the kind of music they enjoy or their idols, are usually loathed by the general population.

Buzzfeed’s main demographic is women and most of their articles and quizzes are based on the preferences of young women. This is one of the reasons why it’s despised so much. 

I think the amount of hate it receives is unwarranted and that people have no right to question one’s likes and dislikes.

People need to stop criticizing other people’s choices. So, if you don’t enjoy Buzzfeed quizzes nobody is forcing you to answer the pesky questions. But stop pestering people who find these quizzes entertaining.

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