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Aaah! Sunday mornings. My kind of mornings.

For the past 18 years or so, Sunday mornings at my home have pretty much been the same – Waking up to a house full of chirrup, a table full of wholesome and delicious looking breakfast and a light-hearted comedy on the telly to go along with all that.

It was a routine that we never faltered from, mostly because we never wanted to. It’d be the only day of the week we all would be home at the same time for breakfast.

And then suddenly sharing a laugh at the breakfast table was gradually eliminated, all by courtesy of the outrageously mindless slapstick and dim-witted content in Bollywood movies.

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There simply couldn’t have been a more monstrously traumatizing movie!

There are rarely any original, smart comedies in Indian film industry right now.
I mean we would switch from channel to channel, searching for a decent modern comedy and movies like Humshakals, Happy New Year, Masti series, Golmaal series, Mastizade, Tees Maar Khan would show up to our cause.

Can you believe, we literally don’t have any funny movies to watch during our once-a-week family breakfast!!?

I’m not denying the existence of those select few good comedies but would you actually consider them as classics in the years to come?
Sit with your children and watch them as excitingly as our parents enunciate the dialogues of Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron?
Place them in the likes of spectacular pieces of art such as Padhosan, Chupke Chupke, Gol Maal, Hera Pheri, Andaaz Apna Apna?

The hysterical Mahabharat scene from Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

I know, I wouldn’t.

Coming to the case of independent movies and filmmakers, there’s no doubting that there’s been a significant rise in their popularity, in fact, some of their movies are gradually entering the mainstream.

And as a result of that, we are getting a cinema that’s a crossbreed of mainstream and parallel content.

But I want a movie that I can sit back and watch with my family, you know. Laugh and share a few giggles. A comedy that makes sense but is still hysterical. NOT FILLED WITH EXASPERATING SLAPSTICK CONTENT!

Wake me up when something like that hits the cinemas. Until then, I’ll just stick to watching a beguiling Kamal Hassan trying to fix his broken marriage and dodge the attraction of his ex-father-in-law, all while being dressed as a Maharashtrian matriarch caretaker or Chachi.

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