Wonder Woman marks the first true outing of a mainstream female superhero and explores her origin story and boy, does it do it in some style!

We watched the movie on the first day itself of its release out of sheer excitement for it and the  movie doesn’t disappoint, at all. It’s a thoroughly engaging, light-hearted yet a driven story line thanks to the brilliant direction of  Patty Jenkins and the sheer charisma of Gal Gadot, who’s the true “hero” of the story.

Wonder Woman Review
Wonder Woman in all her charismatic glory!

Here’s our SPOILER FREE REVIEW of Wonder Woman. Read on to know why this is the summer blockbuster you NEED to watch :

#1. The Story And The Plot :

Unlike the last 2 movies by DCEU (Batman v Superman : Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad), Wonder Woman features a relatively simple and easy plot with much less elements of noir, less flashbacks and a gritty story which is progressive throughout the movie to keep the viewers engaged and fresh until the climax, which is brilliantly shot in its own right. We’ll discuss that later in this article.

#2. Character Development :

Wonder Woman and Batman were the 2 best things about DC’s Batman v Superman : Dawn Of Justice and we didn’t get to see much of the Amazon Princess’ origin but here, Wonder Woman is the true focal point of the movie, highlighted brilliantly.

Chris Pine is perfect for his role as Steve Trevor and the supporting cast provides great comic relief compared to Gadot’s serious characterization, although she does have her funny moments too. All aces to the scriptwriters for the story and characters.

#3. Cinematography, Direction And Locations :

The breathtaking visuals of Themyscira to the war-ravaged London, the camera work and location setting has been brilliant in Wonder Woman in all aspects.

The scenes have been shot in lighter tones compared to the gritty feeling of DC’s previous 3 movies (the 2 mentioned above and Man Of Steel).

Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman.

Never for a second you feel that the movie is “too dark” and by all means, the visuals are absolutely splendid.

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#4. Stunt Choreography, Action Scenes And Fight Choreography :

The stunt choreography is what is truly breathtaking about this movie.

Starting from the initial scenes where the Amazon warriors of Themyscira are introduced to the climax scene where Wonder Woman takes on the bid bad guy in the movie, her arch nemesis Ares (which has been revealed quite a long while ago so it’s technically not a spoiler), the action scenes are shot with great deal and are a brilliant mix of slow motion and fast paced action.

#5. Thematic Depth :

The movie is centralized towards a female superhero in a time of war where women weren’t considered fir even to join the army, let alone fight the wars of men on their own and win them.

The idea of doing a female-centric superhero movie in 2017 couldn’t have been better as it gives the young women an idol to look up to and feel inspired, which is really essential.

The themes of sacrifice, courage, will, love and friendship are very simply yet intricately woven into the film in a manner so subtle that it creates a perfect balance of emotion and substance in the script.

The movie is really enjoyable and brings out its strengths with real charisma, with special mentions to Gal Gadot for her amazing performance.

All in all, Wonder Woman comes as a breath of fresh air and is just the perfect movie to revive the DC Extended Universe before the mega ensemble Justice League comes out in November.

Patty Jenkins has done a brilliant job in giving out a stellar movie which is although light hearted in its own regard but is truly engaging and sends a brilliant message to the people who think that it’s only the men who can be superheroes.

Get aside, boys.

Wonder Woman is here and she’s definitely here to stay.

Watch this movie for a fantastic, fun-filled and engaging experience.

Our rating for the movie : 4 out of 5.

Rush to your nearest theater and watch it. We highly recommend it!

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