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BMW Brings Its Cheapest Bike Akula 310 To India: Racing Nuts, Time To Tighten Your Belts!


By Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

For all the racing enthusiasts and motor freaks out there, a good news!

The much anticipated ‘Akula 310’ is coming soon. The bike will feature an exclusive engine by BMW (Bavarian Motor Works).

As the bodyline of the beast speaks, Akula stand for Shark in Russian. The streamlined specs of the bike bears close proximity to that of a shark!

Styling is incredibly racy, front to the rear the motorcycle speaks volumes about TVS manufacturing prowers and now even design.

What’s Interesting?

The bike is the souvenir to the luminous 33 years of TVS in racing industry. A big 33 on the front is like a badge of patronage for every TVS owner. It sounds so cool!

Yeah! You become the part of TVS racing family with heritage of glorious 33 years. This upper variant of TVS apache is definitely going to make you feel proud and elated!

What might not interest you?

Unfortunately,  the flagship sports bike from a joint venture from TVS and BMW will not have the logo of BMW.

This might be pitiful for an enthusiast who knows he’s buying a BMW bike but has no logo to take an edge over fellow riders! Oh God! It’s none less than a mental assault!

Talking of  the features…

TVS and BMW have joint hands in a bid to produce a lot of interesting bikes for the future. The first bike from this collaboration being the BMW G310R. Akula 310 will also share the specification almost same to G310R with a 313cc, 4 Stroke Single cylinder Engine.

^ Talking of power, the engine generates 33.4 bhp @9,500 rpm.

^ Bike is equipped with exotic 6-speed transmission with maximum torque of 28Nm @ 7,500rpm.

However a 313cc engine will make it a bit expensive to drive with 25 kmpl -28 kmpl average (city) and 36 kmpl (highway).

Bike lovers, your good days are not far away! Time to whoop up!

New and off segment features that’ll drive you crazy!

The bike from the TVS heritage and BMW motorrad will have extremely high end features that one can expect to see in exotic bikes only. Luckily, we are privileged as Akula 310 is expected to feature on-board Gyro Cameras and yeah! It will definitely give you intense adrenaline rushes and gossebumps! I think this feature is too off stream and it’s gonna shake the Indian sports market of two wheelers! It would be like a gift from TVS on their 33th anniversary!

Apart from this, the venture wants to give you luxurious experience with fully digital speedometer! Oh Yeah. Backed with light weight carbon fibre body and aluminium sub-frame, this bike is ready to conquer all the fast battles.

Launch: The production model is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2017. However, there may be some changes from the prototype seen at autoexpo’16 (obviously, to maintain the price competitive).

How many bucks will it cost?

Company states the range to be moderate with a lower slab of 1.5 lakh rupees and upper slab of 1.8 lakhs. Yes! You read it right. The low price might be an incentive from TVS and also a part of their market penetrating policy.

Anyhow, we can just feel relaxed and hope that the production starts soon!

What about the rivals?

Akula 310 will have to face sharp competition from some of the bikes that have good hold in the market.

Many bikes have proven themselves on Indian roads and it’s time for Akula now. At first sight the bike seems to be very exotic and luxurious with some amazing specs and low price. What interesting to see is how the Indian market responds to it!


Pictures courtesy: Cartoq, Overdrive, Indianhoods, Google images.

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