Netflix came out with its critically acclaimed original series, Ghoul starring none other than Netflix’s muse, Radhika Apte on 24th August.

Post the huge success of Sacred Games, Netflix was aware of the fact that Ghoul already has a huge receptive audience waiting for it.

To elevate the excitement for Ghoul’s release, Netflix had a brilliant idea.

It all started only a few weeks ago, when various billboards advertising Sacred Games had a strange red mark scrawled across them almost overnight.

Vandalism? Nah. Turns out, it was Netflix only announcing the arrival of its next original series, Ghoul by piggybacking on Sacred Games’ success very innovatively.

Soon proper hoardings for Ghoul, with Radhika in her khakis, sprouted up across the cities announcing people about the release date.

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Where Netflix Went Wrong

Netflix was able to capture the audience with its brilliant hoardings however it did this one particular advertorial stunt which went horribly wrong.

As reported by this Twitter user, @GitaSKapoor, the Inorbit mall in Mumbai had advertised Ghoul in a very visual manner in its washrooms.

Imagine your shock when you enter the washroom and see this bloody image in front of you.

People on Twitter soon started reacting to it and most of them voiced concerns over how Netflix and Inorbit Mall authorities should be reprimanded.

Following a user’s tweet to Mumbai Police, Inorbit tweeted that it had taken down the “wall art” and apologized for the inconvenience caused.

Why Netflix Should Also Apologize

Bloody handprints, blood splattered across the wall and broken glass IS NOT NATURAL.

Washrooms are public spaces which see people from all walks of life. This can be a very horrifying, frightening experience for someone who’s not even aware about the existence of a web series called Ghoul in the first place.

The image is too visual, graphic and disturbing and certainly not the kind you’d want kids or people with a sensitive heart to witness.

There has to be a limit to everything and Netflix took it way too far by pulling off this stunt.

Blood, gore and violence are very sensitive and unwanted elements that should always be displayed after a word of caution and Netflix, being a socially aware organisation should have known that.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: ADGully, Twitter

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