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BigCoinCrypto Launches Bitcoin Lottery


San José, Costa Rica – Bitcoin is shooting for the moon, breaking past the resistance at $10,500 USD finding itself at a new standard level. Inflationary movements from the traditional markets in light of severe money printing caused gold and as a result, Bitcoin to attract even more investors and grow.

BigCoinCrypto provides investors with an opportunity to jump on the Bitcoin train with a luck-based lottery game. Starting at 0.01 BTC per winners pot, participants get an opportunity every day to win Bitcoin with a minimal investment.

Each game lasts 24 hours and BigCoinCrypto is often participating with up to 5 tickets to provide the initial action. All data is transparent and easily accessible, including the number of players participating in each lottery session.

When asked about the motivations for creating the game, BigCoinCrypto said “We created this platform as a way to provide not only entertainment but also education for newcomers in the industry. This is the very start of what is going to be a great resource for Bitcoiners.”

For a limited time, BigCoinCrypto is welcoming new gamers to the community buy giving away 20 FREE PLAYS a day. After registering at BigCoinCrypto.com/SignUp send a screenshot of your BTC QR code, found under the PURCHASE TICKETS link to winfreebtc@bigcoincrypto.com, to receive a credit of 500,000 SATS to your BigCoinCrypto account. It’s enough BTC for a chance to win the daily jackpot. Good luck gamers!

The website uses the best security practices established in managing crypto assets. Account passwords on their servers are encrypted and the system has been tested for overflow issues, ensuring protection against asset leaks.

Deposits take 6 confirmations before they are made available to users, eliminating the risk of any foul play. The game platform stores assets on a BIP32 HD multi-sig wallet, providing another layer of security for users.

To celebrate the launch of the platform, BigCoinCrypto is providing a generous referral program that enables affiliates to earn 20% of ticket value purchased by their referrals. Compared to other Bitcoin gaming platforms rates offered by BigCoinCrypto are competitive and enticing.

About BigCoinCrypto

BigCoinCrypto was developed to create a safe community for people to learn about cryptocurrency and dip their toe in this lucrative market, established by seasoned altcoin investors who’ve personally experienced the ups and downs of cryptocurrency trading. It is a fun low-risk way to learn about cryptocurrency.

Media contact

Company: BigCoinCrypto

Contact: Raul Gonzalez

Email: Info@bigcoincrypto.com

Website: https://bigcoincrypto.com/

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