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Bestowe Gifting Emphasizes Importance of Showing Employee Appreciation During this Very Different Holiday Season 


Bestowe Gifting Emphasizes Importance of Showing Employee Appreciation During this Very Different Holiday Season 

This year has been extremely tough for businesses and employees. Our working worlds have changed beyond recognition, from working from home, to unpaid leave and even redundancies. Now, more than ever, it’s so important that businesses value their hard-working employees who continue to adapt in these uncertain times. 

As the festive season approaches, this is usually a great time to celebrate successes as a business and recognize employees’ hard work. Some employees throw lavish parties and give their employees gifts worth over $500 each. But this year we are faced with a completely different type of holiday season. A time that should be full of festive drinks, office treats, parties and team fun has been put on hold, while Covid has also forced employers to take their office parties online. 

But during the holidays, a small gesture can go a long way in showing your employees just how much you appreciate their efforts. The pandemic has deprived us of many things, but there’s no reason for it to take away the fun of festive gifting. 

Corporate gifting, though generous, can sometimes feel impersonal. Bestowe Gifting creates perfectly curated gift boxes with artisan products, where each tells a story about the artist. Bridging the gap between gifts and the thought behind them, with every gift is a narrative about the products and the companies themselves.

There really is no excuse to give presents like chocolates or bottles of wine that could be from anyone, for anyone. Themed packages offered by Bestowe Gifting range from grilling, summer picnic, wellness, and food lovers gift sets. If you prefer to have something hand-crafted and custom designed for your business, Bestowe also can handle large orders that feel just as personal as one of their one off gifts. The level of thought put into each package starts right at the sourcing of the products, with one of the ready-to-ship gifts being sourced from all Black-owned businesses. 

Bestowe Gifting makes gift giving on a large scale, for companies or clients, easy and seamless. After an initial call to discuss needs and get to know your company and style, Bestowe develops a design concept specifically with for you. Once a client has taken the time to thoroughly review the design concepts developed for them and ensure it portrays the message they are trying to deliver, Bestowe works as a collaborative partner to ensure every detail is perfect. Best yet, you don’t have worry about the coordination of shipping or delivery. Bestowe handles all that for you so that you can continue managing your business while knowing your employees are being taken care of this holiday season.

Whether it’s 30 gifts for the office or 3,000 individual addresses, Bestowe Gifting makes it happen. Bestowe even tops off each gift with a customized hand-written message to the recipient and that goes the extra mile. And with much of the corporate world going online, the service doesn’t require any contact from employers, but is instead delivered directly to each address by Bestowe.

Whether your employee is a chocolate lover, a cocktail drinker, or a self-care enthusiast, that extra personal touch can be the difference that makes them feel truly valued, offering much more than an empty, impersonal gesture given to every employee.

As businesses continue to ride the storm that is the Covid-19 pandemic, teams may be apart, but it’s actually bringing us closer than ever through a shared struggle. This year is the time to recognize the employees who have stuck with you through once in a lifetime global circumstances – every employee who worked overtime, sacrificed time with family, took on extra responsibilities and stepped up when the company needed it most. Bestowe Gifting is the way to say thank you and show employees that they are seen, appreciated and valued. 

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