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Scott Bartnick: Tackling the Changing Needs of the Business Sector Like a Pro



It’s no secret, life as we know it may never be the same since the COVID-19 outbreak. Most people in the business sector are convinced the pre-pandemic ways of conducting business are long-gone. As devastating as the shutdown was, there’s been a lot to learn from the experience. At this point, the companies blazing the trail are the ones who have done some real research and soul searching to understand how this crisis changed the game. But understanding is not enough — the real game-changers have the motive and the means to adapt to the new rules.

One such entrepreneur is Scott Bartnick, co-founder and COO of Otter Public Relations. Bartnick didn’t sit helplessly and watch his businesses crumble at the onset of the pandemic. Even when he had warehouses full of products he had to pay for but couldn’t sell, he remained focused. He is a real-life example of a post-COVID business leader who adapted to an all-new game with all-new rules.

The businesses thriving now are operating with a new mentality — or maybe it’s a dated mentality because it has a post-WWII flair. Just as it was at the end of the Second World War when countries were rebuilding from scratch, today’s business leaders must reevaluate what’s relevant. In doing so, leaders like Bartnick are keeping the supply chains simpler and investing in employees with a whole new skillset. Being innovative and able to embrace new ways of getting a job done are now the skills that should be at the top of your resume.

Savvy business entrepreneurs such as Bartnick have been busy snatching up adaptable, adventurous employees to give their businesses the leverage they need to push forward. It seems the new rules of business value employees with remarkable public relations skills as their best asset. Scott Bartnick discovered this reality quite quickly. The result is his remarkably successful public relations firm,  Otter PR. 

Bartnick’s firm is the culmination of his business expertise and a relevant step in mending a broken economy. When the bottom fell out of the business world, Bartnick was one of those game-changers who realized anyone planning to climb out of the rubble would have to see the world through a different lens. Bartnick saw that maintaining the status quo in business operations was a death sentence. So he brilliantly built a public relations firm dedicated to assisting established businesses to get back on track with an all-new approach to marketing. He also encouraged fledgling startups to fly the nest. 

What’s so special about Otter PR? In a few short months, Bartnick has built his company from the ground up, and he specializes in helping other businesses do the same. Bartnick’s timing is no accident. True, he needed a way to recover from his financial losses, and Otter PR has provided. However, he looked to a trusted business adage that has not become antiquated in these changing times — supply and demand. He knew there was an overwhelming need for new businesses because so many were failing. The faster new companies got up and running, the quicker an ailing economy could begin to recover.  

For Bartnick, his budding PR firm is a dream come true. Before Otter PR, he spent much time feeling there had to be something more. Identifying a need and having the knowledge and experience to build a company dedicated to addressing that need is unimaginably fulfilling for Bartnick. But he’s no stranger to startup success.  

Three years ago, Scott Bartnick was amassing professional credibility working at a Fortune 500 company — a dream job for some. But Bartnick was restless. He saw quitting his 9 to 5 and setting out the see the world as the solution. But it wasn’t all fun and games. While traveling the world, Bartnick developed The Five Day Startup, his first successful eCommerce venture. Like Otter Public Relations, The Five Day Startup showcases Bartnick’s entrepreneurial expertise by assisting others in their journey of chasing their business dreams.

Changes in the business sector are far from over. For Bartnick and others in the field, the ongoing struggle will be to maintain a forward progression as the business world continues to recreate itself. Amid so much change, one thing is constant — Scott Bartnick has proven his ability to tackle the inconsistencies of his environment like a pro. By utilizing the skills and mindset necessary to generate success, he’s blazing the trail for a new generation of business leaders.  

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