Road scams are nothing new, since there have been notorious groups across the years employing various ways to rob people. Earlier there was the Thak Thak gang from Delhi that had the main move of stealing things from inside cars parked in markets and streets by breaking open windows of vehicles.

But if someone was sitting inside the car, one gang member would go to knock on the window or going ‘thak thak’ a sound made when knocking on something to distract their attention while another would steal items from the backseat.

Now, there seems to be another type of road scam going on the Bengaluru roads that is in similar light as this where they accuse the victim of running over their leg.

What Is This New Bengaluru Road Scam?

On 9th July, Pranay Kotasthane a professor and deputy director of Takshasila institution tweeted about a scary incident he experienced in Bengaluru where a person accused him of running over their leg but all of it just turned out to be a scam of some sort that he narrowly avoided falling victim to.

He started out by writing “Experienced a new fraud on Central Bengaluru roads. Sharing it here so that you don’t fall victim to it” and explained what happened.

“On Sunday (July 2), we were waiting for the traffic signal to turn green on the Queens Road signal, turning towards Alliance Francaise. After turning, one guy on an Activa stopped us aggressively and started accusing us that our car had gone over his leg.

I’m a cautious, slow driver, so I was surprised. Especially when we turned slowly after the vehicles ahead of us had moved. In any case, I apologised profusely, thinking that I might have made an inadvertent mistake.”

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Kotasthane then went on to write how “As soon as I did that, he got more aggressive and started shouting expletives. He clearly wanted me to get out of the car and confront him. But somehow, I maintained my calm and just went ahead. After some distance, he took another route and let us go.”

He then tweeted how literally the same thing with the same guy happened again with him “On July 4 (Tuesday) at around 5.30 pm, the same thing happened to me, this time on Wheeler Road near Thom’s Bakery. And guess what. It was the SAME guy again. What are the odds!”

He further added

“He swerved ahead of my car. And he let another accomplice of his, on another two-wheeler, try the same trick. The guy started banging the car windows and made the same accusation. Now I was sure that this was a fraud. Luckily, there were quite a few traffic policemen nearby.

I stopped the car near a place where the traffic police were catching traffic rule violations. The two two-wheelers ran away as soon as they saw the car stop.

I then went to the police officer and explained the situation. He told me this is a common fraud and that I should register a complaint. Since I couldn’t identify the number plates, I didn’t go to the police station. Luckily I had a dashcam on my car and was able to identify the number plate of one of the two fraudsters.”

He ended the thread by saying that “Sharing this in case you notice something similar on the roads. Be aware. Stay calm. Find the nearest traffic police, and don’t get into an argument.”

Another user actually agreed with Kotsthane and wrote how something similar happened to them. Twitter user @thestudmacha wrote “Happened to me as well and was scammed 2k. The man kept abusing me and said his relatives were on the way and they’d bash me up. He claimed to be a corporator’s son as well. Anyways took me a while to realise I was conned. I was lucky though.”

Police officers have also noticed that such incidents are happening with increasing frequency where a policeman stationed at the Koramangala traffic signal said “It happens at signals where police are rarely deployed. The miscreants confirm that no police is around before staging these incidents.”

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