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Back In Time To The Beginning Of World War II


BACK IN TIME is ED’s newspaper type column that reports an incident from the past as though it has happened just yesterday. It allows the reader to re-live it several years later, on the date it had occurred.

World War II changed the face of the globe permanently and the world is still recuperating from the after-effects of the war.  The big daddy today, United States, emerged as a powerful nation after this disastrous war. There is no measure of the damage this war has caused and it all started on this fateful day some sixty-one years ago.

world war 2

3d September, 1945

Adolf Hitler became the supreme leader in the German state with the sole aim of making Germany the greatest power in the world. His not so important aim was also to kill off all the Jews too!

Although the world was suspicious of Hitler’s designs they followed the policy of appeasement to prevent any more wars but the plan backfired and it backfired bigtime.

Because Hitler wickedly used Britain’s Prime Minister Chamberlain’s concessions to take control of the Rhine Valley and other neighbouring lands that were taken away from Germany after World War I.

Hitler conveniently covered up his actions by signing treaties with Europeans countries which he would eventually tear up.

second world war

Bone of Contention- The Danzing Port

By 1945 Germany’s plan to capture lands and create a stronghold in the neighbouring area was more or less successful, the only problem being that Germany did not have a sea-port.

Hitler swiftly put into action his plan to capture Danzing port and follow it up by defeating Poland.

By September 3 1945, German forces had captured Poland and were using Danzing Port to deploy troops in the North.

The Soviet Union (Yes, Stalin and Hitler used to be friends) attacked Poland from the east and the two nations shared Polish territories amongst themselves.

Britain and France did nothing because frankly Poland wasn’t that important. They only declared war when Nazi army entered Belgium.

How Poland Helped Win The War

So what Poland was defeated early on, they still played vital role in defeating the Axis powers.

Some 1, 00,000 soldiers re-grouped themselves in Romania and fought Germans in various other wars throughout the world war.

Polish codebreakers were instrumental in helping Alan Turing break the Enigma code.

The Polish government worked in exile from Britain to help the people in the country and to prevent Jewish extermination to the best of their abilities, although they weren’t really successful.

Second World War in many ways changed the world.

Some good that did come out of it was the birth of United Nations and emergence of a SLIGHTLY tolerant world but the damages done were irreparable and to think one man alone was capable of such destruction!

But man it seems has not learned a thing from this disastrous war. Talks about a third world war are rapid and even better is that we discuss the cause too.

Most people speculate that water will cause the next world war but what are we doing to prevent it other than meeting in summits of various names?

Medha Malaviya
Medha Malaviya
Human being from Uttar Pradesh (Yes, they do exist!). History buff. Rarely correct but always right. Wants to intern with Winchester brothers. Anti-meme.



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