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Alleged Impeachment Ends The Tenure Of Brazil’s First Female President Dilma Rousseff


Brazil’s first female president Dilma Rousseff has been voted out of the presidential office by the country’s Senate, finding her guilty in the impeachment trial she had been accused in. Rousseff was found responsible for breaking budgetary laws.

She was held responsible for moving funds between government budgets, which is actually illegal according to the Brazilian law. The irony of the situation is that Dilma is voted out by the infamous Senate that has already been associated with corruption all these years.

Dilma’s Tenure:

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A young Marxist, 23-year-old Dilma was in news when she was arrested during Brazil’s military rule in the early 70’s for her revolutionary activities. Tortured and harassed, Dilma came out strong after serving five years in jail and eventually stepped into politics as protégé of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva who served as the president of Brazil from 2003 to 2011.

As soon as she stepped into politics, she undertook several worthy responsibilities. She announced the discovery of a pre-salt oil reserve that supposedly possessed the potential to make the country self-sustainable, but unfortunately remains untapped till date.

Her role as a strong political figure in Brazil has been well maintained since years.

Impeachment & Future For Dilma Rousseff:

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The case of impeachment for breaking budgetary laws was thrust upon Dilma as a malpractice on her part to regain power in re-elections. While that’s what the critics say, Dilma herself defended herself by saying that moving money between budgets was rather common among her predecessors in office.

While Dilma lost her position as the president, she is surely not barred from contesting if she wishes to campaign for presidential candidacy again.

She won a Senate vote that had earlier sought to ban her from public office. Describing herself as innocent and a victim of parliamentary coup, Rousseff has indicated a return to politics.

Brazil’s Future:

Michel Temer, Rousseff’s former vice president will assume the office of president and serve out the remainder of her term. Temer has already shown his efforts in correcting the increase in unemployment in the country with outlining new policies.

Undergoing such turmoil, people in Brazil are going through a lot of unrest. There have been protests against as well as in support of the Senate’s decision. The roads have been filled with demonstrators, all over country. For a country that’s undergoing unrest due to corruption, their situation could be best understand by nobody but Indians.

Good luck Brazil!

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