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Today, we take a look at INTERPOL’s 96 year old history, and then we will talk about what INTERPOL is today.

7th September, 1923:

September of 1923 seems to be a good month for the general public and a very bad month for the worst criminals of this world. ICPC has received a go-ahead, and as we speak, officials from various countries are in a meeting finalizing the working of the organization.

After 9 years of the first meeting, policing officials from about 15 countries including China, Germany, France, Egypt, have come together to establish ICPC – International Criminal Police Commission, basing it in Vienna.

There are plans to call it INTERPOL – The International Criminal Police Organization. Today we will witness the greatest co-operational organization formed by countries we never thought would come together.

We hope that now, criminals like Albert Anastasia, Joseph Bonnano and Alphonse Capone will fear INTERPOL and people will sleep at night feeling safer.

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Post Scriptum:

It has been 96 years since INTERPOL first came into existence and it has 194 countries as its members.

To join INTERPOL, the recruit needs to be a citizen of a member country, along with being a law enforcement officer. That particular country, loans this officer to INTERPOL for a specific duration or tour through the National Central Bureau of INTERPOL in their country.

This international organization was formed because most of the countries’ policing organizations encountered jurisdictional and red tape problems. Criminals, however, were not limited to a state, or for that matter, even a particular country.

To help countries do a better job at handling criminal activities, INTERPOL maintains a secure network, a General Secretariat and several sub-bodies with expertise in different areas of criminal policing.

Even if two countries do not have any diplomatic relationships, their officials are now able to work together and curb crime through INTERPOL.

INTERPOL has three main crime programmes: Counter-terrorism, Organized and Emerging Crime and Cybercrime. Being a global platform, coordination among countries through one particular body is proving highly beneficial in today’s time.

To relate better, if you’ve watched the movie Don 2, you will find Priyanka Chopra being in INTERPOL and INTERPOL looking for Shah Rukh, playing Don. Since Don is an international criminal, INTERPOL is the authority which was subjected to capturing him.

Yes, India is a part of INTERPOL and is in fact, one of the oldest members having joined in 1949. CBI is designated as the National Central Bureau of India to coordinate with INTERPOL.  

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