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Baahubali 2 Trailer Has Come At The Perfect Time


The time that we were all waiting for with bated breath has finally arrived, no no, Game of Thrones is not here. But for Indian fans an even better news is that the full Baahubali 2 trailer is finally out.

Yes, where our elite friends might venture more towards GOT, for many of us, Baahubali gives stiff competition to it and gives us hope that someday our Indian cinema and television too can churn something of that magnitude and quality out.

But all that is for another day because the trailer has also brought forth some opinions and thoughts on it which I wanted to share with you all. I’m pretty sure you all must have already seen the trailer till now, but in you have not, here watch it before you read my reaction to it:

1. The Visual Effects:

Can I just start off by saying that the visual effects in this movie are perhaps the best I have ever seen in any Indian movie?

No matter how big of a budget the movie has, no matter how firangi or international people are hired for the VFX and all, somehow they still seem kiddish when compared to the Hollywood counterpart.

So it was visually a pleasure to watch such high-quality work being done, be it the battle scenes, the opening scene, the landscapes and the insides of the palace.

I have to hand it to the Baahubali team in the attention to detail and how beautiful it all looks on screen.

2. The Trailer Gives A Very Asian Mythological Film Vibe:

Don’t know why, but while watching the trailer, I got a very deep resemblance to the Asian mythological films like Curse of A Golden Flower, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or Red Cliff.

The settings, costumes and the whole look of the film seems to greatly resemble those kinds of films.

Now, not saying that is a bad thing, in fact, it just seems to give the trailer a very regal and fantasy feel.

3. Great Mix Of Past And Present:

The trailer also does a good job of mixing the two ongoing narratives, that is of the past Baahubali and the present Shivudu, into one trailer without giving away everything.

Tip: if you want to know which is present and which is past, just check if Prabhas’s character has a small half circle or a snake on his forehead.

What I think is going to happen, for the plot is that the first half is going to continue from the last movie only, going on and solving the mystery of why Kattappa killed Baahubali and the second half will have Shivudu taking revenge on his uncle, ala Lion King, and taking his rightful place at the throne.

4. Very Morbid Look:

Have to say, where the first one was more about adventure and the start of the story, the trailer of Baahubali 2 is setting a very grim tone for this one.

It is definitely not going to be as fun or light as the last one and instead is mostly going to be serious, bloody and gory.

5. Miscellaneous Thoughts:

I did wonder where Kattappa and Avanthika were in all this as the trailer does not really give much of a glimpse of them. Except of one close up of Kattappa and a few wide shots, and just a blink and you miss appearance by Tammanah’s character, there is not much of them here.

That could be for a few reasons I believe, as going for Avanthika’s character, she was already established in the first movie and thus I think in this one will not be taking a lot of screentime, at the most she will be present during the climax when the movie returns to present time.

As for Kattappa, according to me, they kept it at just the right amount of shots for him in the trailer. As in, he is the key for this movie, the entire question is why Kattappa killed Baahubali. Giving him a lot of shots in the trailer could potentially ruin the entire mystery of it.

Anyways, those are my thoughts on the trailer of Baahubali 2. I am sure you must have some of your own, so share with me down in the comments box.

Image Credits: Google Images

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