People can easily book their slots online and get into a well-organized fitness world created by the man himself.

New Delhi, December 13: The way a few industries have attained massive momentum and outstanding positive rage and growth over the years can be attributed to so many different factors. Some say it is because of the relentless passion, drive, and dedication of a few entrepreneurs and professionals, while some others say it is because of the latest tech trends and tech advancements. However, a few experts around the world are of the opinion that the combination of both leads industries to outstanding success. A similar opinion is of ace fitness entrepreneur and strength coach Athletic Coach Naveen, who believes that when professionals combine their knowledge with the latest tech advent in their industries, most often they lead to creating remarkable brands and businesses, just like he did in the world of fitness.

Athletic Coach Naveen says that the pandemic made people come closer with the help of social media and the whole of the digital space. It was time for people to walk with these changing trends, and hence almost everything moved digital. He, too, wanted to make the most of this opportunity, and hence, besides training people one-to-one, he decided to come up with his online programs as well to reach as many people as possible around the world and expand his clientele.

He believes going digital was one of the best decisions of his life as he got to train different individuals coming from different backgrounds, understand their fitness needs and goals, and help them train rigorously to bring them closer to that.

Today, Athletic Coach Naveen is a proud weightlifting, power lifting, fitness, and nutrition coach, who has remained a known national level weightlifter and now, has become a successful fitness entrepreneur. As a driven fitness and lifestyle coach, he finds his passion in helping people attain healthier lifestyles

He wants every client of his to trust the process and get along a journey with him to see the results they seek.

For more information and updates, do follow him on Instagram: @raonaveen108.



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