Almost during the entire Modi government term, I heard people agonized by the decision made and steps taken, and very prominently, I saw people speaking about how money was being wasted on things that didn’t really mean anything to the welfare of a country.

In a few aspects, true. A big statue, a few big flags – maybe public money was wasted to some extent. But now that BJP has been happily gifted another term by us Indians, I have a few expectations as a young citizen of this country.

Here are a few areas or aspects that I’d like to see development in, in India and not just a pile of international deals and amended laws.

Rural Development Focused On Agriculture

We enjoy our Biryanis because some farmers somewhere unknown to us are working for months to grow that rice and sell it. But do they get enough money for their work? Sadly, they don’t.

A farmer in UP cries of the less money he gets for his crop

Farmers and small landowners who cultivate for a living must be provided a very good rate for their hard work. Loans approved to them for agricultural tools and needs should be lowered further.

If the NDA wants to grow into the public as a welfare party and not just a political party, I really think they should start with those who need help urgently.

Rural Development Focused On Healthcare

How painful is it, to know that about 88% of menstruating women in India use highly unhygienic and unsanitary ways of cleaning the blood?

Sand, ash, old rags, even cloth instead of sanitary napkins! Most of these women are concentrated in rural areas of the country.

Although there is a significant drop in the infant mortality rate of about 8%, we’re still losing 30+ children for every 1000 berths. I believe humans are technologically advanced enough to take this number even further down.

For every 10,000 there are not even 10 physicians and not even 20 midwives. About 70% urinary tract infection is prevalent in rural areas due to non-availability of doctors.

This needs to be dealt with at the earliest, or we’ll lose lives and we’ll have women of this country live with unsanitary lifestyles.

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Education Quality Needs To Be Uplifted

By this, I wish to speak about basic education in government schools. A lot of finance has been allotted to this sector but still, classrooms have broken benches, schools have low pass percentage and a big chunk of teachers take this job for granted.

I don’t aim to say that teachers are not worthy of their jobs, but a little more motivation would help uplift the quality of education. That needs to come from the government.

Sports Needs To Be Sports And Less Politics

From personal experience, playing well in a national camp for a month and then suddenly, seeing a minister’s son or a senior coach’s son get selected without any effort hurts. It hurts not the sentiments, but the spirit of sportsmanship that students like me genuinely work for.

Clean, honest and quality selections into teams might just fetch us more Olympic medals, and along with that, respect from lakhs of young and old sportspersons of India.

There might be many more areas where the government needs to improve their work in, but these were some aspects that I personally look forward to seeing being improved.

We would like to hear from our readers what areas of welfare they would like to see from the new government which is being called Modi Govt 2.0. Version 2.0 sure needs to be better than the first, and that’s what we all eagerly expect.

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