The debate and discussion regarding the Indian drug racket and the involvement of Bollywood in this nexus isn’t new. It dates back to the days when the underworld was allegedly actively involved in the dealings of Bollywood, and it got much worse after the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput.

The Kai Po Che actor was found dead in his house after which the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) started probing against his girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty.

Thereafter, several celebrities were taken under the radar of the NCB and the newest arrest happened recently which involved one of the biggest names in the film industry. Shahrukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, was detained by the NCB officials after he was found at a party on a private cruise where drugs were being consumed.

Though it was alleged that no drugs were confiscated from Aryan Khan himself, his presence at the party created several issues. Further to this, his WhatsApp chats were investigated by the agency which led to the name of Ananya Pandey being dragged into the matter. Ananya Pandey happens to be a close friend of the Khan siblings and her chats with the firstborn of Shahrukh Khan have become a topic of feverish discussion.

After toiling hard for three weeks, finally, the lawyers arguing in favor of Aryan Khan were able to secure bail for him from the Bombay High Court. The hearing, which was done in three days, concluded with a positive order for the Khans, allowing Aryan to return to his home.

However, this return is neither final nor with a clean slate. Aryan continues to be the accused in the matter and may be detained again, if NCB finds the need and the bail is cancelled.

The bail, also, isn’t unconditional in the case of Aryan Khan. Despite the efforts, the bail bond to be signed by Aryan Khan to make his way back to his home, Mannat, is laden with conditions that need to be fulfilled by him.

If he contravenes any one of them, he shall be open to arrest without a warrant by the NCB. This means that any contravention of the conditions mentioned by the NCB in the bail shall act as a cancellation of his bail.

Let us take a look at those conditions.

Passport Needs To Be Surrendered To The Special Court

Aryan Khan has been bound to surrender his passport to the special NCB court with immediate effect in order to stop him from fleeing or even travelling abroad. The passport is confiscated in most cases to stop the accused from absconding.

However, it happens to be a grave step in the present matter since Aryan Khan wasn’t found dealing with drugs and his father being the influential man he is, and his family being constantly subject to media scrutiny, his escape is near to impossible.

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No Communication With Co-Accused

The Bombay High Court, while pronouncing the order for bail, has prohibited any communication of Aryan Khan with the co-accused.

This step has been taken keeping in mind the fact that being known and commanding power, Aryan Khan might try to tamper evidence and lure witnesses to speak in his favour, along with plotting with co-accused. This prohibition of communication, if violated, will send Aryan Khan back to jail.

Presence Before NCB On Friday

The high court has directed Aryan Khan to be present before the NCB on every Friday between 11 AM to 2 PM for investigation purposes.

This is done to ensure that Aryan Khan cooperates with the officials and provides them with as much information as necessary for the smooth trial of the matter.

No Interactions With The Media

Aryan Khan has been explicitly prohibited by the High Court to interact with the media in any form of byte or interview. This prohibition remains for all forms of media, including electronic media.

Despite him being free from detention for two days, he was still in jail. This is because of a technical lapse. The court has pronounced bail in open court for Aryan Khan but the detailed order had to follow.

In order to hurry the process, Former Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, representing Aryan Khan, pleaded before the court to submit cash bail however, it was refused by the single-judge bench, pressing on presenting a surety.

Thus, though Aryan Khan is virtually free from jail, he is yet to get out of this fiasco with finality.

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