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Arthur J Goldman (AJG) Introduces Their Decentralized Stake Pools


United Kingdom, London – With the rise and popularity of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for goods and services, Cardano Ada is bound to revolutionize the crypto ecosystem. Cardano is the 3rd generation blockchain developing a smart contract platform to deliver more advanced features than any previous protocols. With its ground-breaking proof-of-stake mechanism and peer-reviewed academic research, Cardano achieves scalability, interoperability and sustainability needed for real-world applications. Cardano is designed to be the choice of large-scale, mission-critical Decentralized Applications (DApps) that will underpin the economy of the future.

In view of the importance of Cardano and the fact that its value has been projected to surpass Bitcoin and Ethereum in the years to come, Arthur J Goldman (AJG) are pleased to announce the introduction of a decentralized stake pool to financially reward Cardano Ada holders.

The stake pools are committed to the mission of Cardano, supporting their initiatives and contributing to decentralization and security of the network. By staking your Ada, you would earn a reward up to 7% percent whilst having full access to your funds.

AJG stake pools are led by Ali Zeb who doubles as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. He has extensive experience in the industry and has a track record of successfully completing blockchain-related projects. He currently serves as an advisory council member for InfoSecurity Europe and global advisory board member for the EC-Council.

Ali is ably assisted by Lauris who is the Chief Technology Officer and a member of the Cardano Pioneer family. Lauris has a strong background in the Cardano project and has supported a group of 250+ stake pool operators by guiding them on how to setup and run a stake pool.

What You Get With Arthur J Goldman?

As a delegator to a stake pool, you will enjoy improved security, as measures have been put in place to keep unwanted traffic from impacting the performance of the pool.

The operators of the pools are a force to reckon with when it comes to the Cardano network. They have more than 20 year’s technology experience under their belt and have been involved in the Cardano project since 2018. The operating fee charged by Arthur J Goldman is highly infinitesimal compared to what other pools charge its users, and the team constantly monitors and tracks performance to ensure maximum rewards are generated for their delegators.

About Arthur J Goldman

Arthur J Goldman Consultants are a stake pool operator for Cardano Ada crypto holders. They specialize in blockchain solutions, cyber security, and investments. The company has collaborated with StakePool247, a renowned brand in the Cardano network. The pool operators are active members of the Cardano community who strive to deliver the highest quality of service for all delegators. The stake pools are now live with more than 2 million Ada pledge.

Arthur J Goldman uses Google cloud-powered technology with 99.99% uptime, multiple relays for disaster prevention and 24/7 security and performance monitoring to ensure all rewards are secured.

Further Info at:

Website: https://arthurjgoldman.com/staking/

Email: ali@arthurjgoldman.com

Media contacts

Company: Arthur J Goldman Consultants Ltd

Contact: Ali Zeb

Twitter: @arthurjgoldman

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbMHOpFAF70

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