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How Arjun And Ranveer Hosted (read: Roasted) IIFA 2015


Since the Arjun-Ranveer duo made their crazy appearance on Koffee with Karan, the nation is drooling over them. And when these two handsome hunks took to hosting IIFA, here’s what happened in Malaysia, marking yet another of their splendid awesomeness.

#1- They said don’t miss the beginning!

True to their words the beginning was a typical Bollywood recipe trailer. A trailer you wouldn’t want to miss for sure. A perfect combo of iconic scenes ranging from Rakhi’s ‘Mere Karan-Arjun aayenge’ to DDLJ to Aamir and Farhan running and finally a sky dive,  ZNMD style onto the stage of IIFA (snatching the hosting from Farhan Akhtar).


#2- Kicking it off with usual celebrity digs!

The regular ones were yet again a part of the script and the duo completely owned them. Introducing the audience and themselves in a sassy way, both the ‘Babas’ gave you a round up of the controversies by mocking them. Be it Tiger Shroff’s comparison to a girl or the Mr. Sab ka Ex-Shahid Kapoor, they made sure that the viewers have a great time. The best one:-




#3 Roy and Johnny were a hit (finally)!

The films tanked at the box office (Roy and Bombay Velvet respectively), but IIFA made sure to make it a hit. Apologising to Malaysia for shooting Roy in the beautiful country, the bromantic couple went ahead and said that the film should have been named “DestROY”. And the latest nursery rhyme it turns out is,



#4 What they say and What they mean!

This one never loses its charm. Making a comeback this year, the act saw Arjun and Ranveer mocking the heroines and their actions yet again. And one can never fail to go wrong with jokes on contemporary actresses. Sonu Sood abs and “Biscuits ke liye koi chai layo”, was ultimate. But the best of this section was Ranveer himself acting what he does as the award winners give their acceptance speech.

#5 Deepika wala love!

Love Story 2015- Ram Leela. Love was in the air and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in the background.  For good 15 – 20 seconds, Ranveer kept watching Deepika with the iconic instrumental love song playing in the background. Yet again when Deepika was awarded, Ranveer went out to openly impress his lady love with sher-o-shayari.


#6 Rapper- Jodi

Who knew these both could sing too. Welcoming stars, describing Bollywood or taking a dig at Aamir Khan, songs were the new style. Honey Singh generation swayed to old tunes of Baba Sehgal and original Anu Malik as they both put hilarious lyrics to them.

Ab jabhi kisi ko kuch bolne jaate hai
Woh bolte hai STOP THAT
Bollywood mein aayein thein barein sapne leke
Socha tha milke khoob dhoom machayenge
Par ek din hum ne dedi gaali
Sab ne bola kaun hai yeh saale mawaali
Aamir ne utaari hamari chaddi
Politicians ne todi haddi.
Hum dono ki lag gayi waat
Aaj se no more gandi baat
Freedom of speech hai sabki “haq”,
But censor board kahein, you can’t say “f***”.

#7 LOL- Filmy Jokes!

Bollywood and star struck nation, can never get enough of cheesy filmy PJs.

  • Jab Ayushmann Khurrana Buddha ho jayega toh use kya bulayenge- Ayushmann Puraana
  • Agar Arjun- Alia dinner ke liye jaayein, what will that movie be called- 2 Plates
  • Agar Humshakals mein 2 log hote toh use kya kehte- Kamshakals


#8 Tribute to DDLJ- Kjo, Anurag Kashyap , Abbas-Mustan and Prabhu Deva Style!

#1000WeeksofDDLJ and IIFA nailed the tribute. Each DDLJ style had an apt description of how our lovely film would have been, if it was to be made today. Though deep down you might hate them for trying to ape the iconic scene, but it was comical to the core.


#9 Invited Not invited!

Ghoom TV is the best entertainment TV channel, hands down. Ranveer’s girly Invited – Not Invited had everyone go ROFL. In Karan Johar and many celebrities’ (including Ranveer Singh) b’day bash- Arjun was ‘Invited’ and Ranveer- Not invited. Alia Bhat – not educated, Aamir Khan – not interested and Tiger Shroff – not human. The final blow was Shahid’s not inviting Ranveer to his marriage. Clearly poking fun at the way media hypes every small issue of cinema-land. After all that’s why Paparazzi was born.



#10 Ranveer- Arjun Jodi was happy laughing their life off!

Comedy is a serious business and unless you can laugh on yourself, you can never be the best comedian. IIFA 2015 jokes returned again and again to the much controversial ROAST. Arjun and Ranveer laughed continuously on their bad decisions leading to even an FIR against them (true partners in crime). The DUO was seen finding common things amongst them- giving flops in a line, being loved to watch for free be it Koffee with Karan, Chings ad or yet again ROAST. Lots of apologies for Gundayy (not Roast you see) and readily accepting digs on their relationship, these two clearly won hearts of all, by cracking jokes on themselves more than anyone. True Comedians!


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