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Arbitrage Trading on Bitfinex by the Advanced MetriXs AI Arbitrage System Goes Live


Multinational FinTech firm, Ascendancy Management Limited, recently released operational video footages of arbitrage trading on Bitfinex conducted by the Advanced MetriXs AI Arbitrage System together with an announcement that Dynamic Live Testing of the Advanced MetriXs AI Arbitrage System’s arbitrage trading capabilities on Bitfinex is now complete and arbitrage trading on Bitfinex is currently fully operational.

Successful completion of the Dynamic Live Testing Phase, which was the final stage of testing, ensures that the Advanced MetriXs AI Arbitrage System is fully compliant with performance requirements.

According to information from Ascendancy Management Limited, the Dynamic Live Testing Phase involved the Advanced MetriXs AI Arbitrage System carrying out over 5000 man-hours of exhaustive real-time arbitrage trading live tests on Bitfinex and in-depth reviews of performance data by the development team prior to the system attaining full operational status on Bitfinex.

Ascendancy Management Limited’s Director for Information Technology, Mr. James stated that, “successful completion of such rigorous tests of the Advanced MetriXs AI Arbitrage System’s arbitrage capabilities on Bitfinex ensures that the system meets all performance parameters and is capable of responding dynamically to real-time market conditions and to conduct real-time profitable trades with pinpoint accuracy on Bitfinex, one of the largest digital asset exchanges worldwide by trading volume.”

According to available information, operational arbitrage trading on Bitfinex has been proceeding extremely smoothly, realizing profitable trades without compromising on the high levels of stability, safety and security that has been tested and proven in arbitrage trading on Binance.

Full-fledged arbitrage trading operations on Bitfinex by the Advanced MetriXs AI Arbitrage System marks a key technical as well as business milestone for Ascendancy Management Limited.

“This development is a great start to 2021 and puts us in a position where we can realize increased profits from digital assets arbitrage trading as well as enable us to diversify our sources of arbitrage trading income. We are thrilled with this development and the corresponding increase in trading profits,” said Mr. Jusuf Kalla, Ascendancy Mangement Limited’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Mr. Kalla further added that, “this success is a reflection of the dedication and hard work put in by our R&D teams to achieve this goal. I am extremely excited about the great potential that arbitrage trading on Bitfinex would bring in the long-run.”

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