Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be instructional, and has just been written in good humour. 

So, everyone who knows me knows that I’m an introvert. 

I prefer to dictate the terms of when and who I meet, and don’t like being obligated to socialise. 

However, the festive season that started with Krishna Jayanti and goes on till Christmas heralds celebrations that require people to meet up.

For example, right now, Navratri requires people living in my region to visit each other’s houses and see the golu, or doll arrangement. 

I was really into this as a kid, but as an adult, I find the thought of visiting so many houses and exchanging pleasantries with so many people tiring, and just leave it to my mom. 

Sounds relatable? 

Here’s My Guide For Fellow Introverts To Survive The Festive Season:

  1. Barricade yourself in your room with Netflix and Amazon Prime. They’ll give you plenty to do when you’re isolated and trying to avoid guests. 

2. Check out plenty of books from the library- another way to stay occupied and silent as a mouse in your room.

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3. Play PUBG. Because there’ll be plenty of people there in the same boat as you- avoiding the festivities and celebrating in Pochinki instead. 

4. Take up a new hobby. If you’re going to be spending a significant chunk of time avoiding people, you might as well develop your skills in some way. 

5. Buy whatever you need online, thanks to the massive discounts on various sites at this time of the year. Then you don’t need to go out to shops and get caught in the feverish festive throng.

6. If your family insists that you pay visits with them, set a limit you’re comfortable with, like 2 houses, and don’t do the entire neighbourhood round if it makes you uneasy.

7. Travel, and escape the madness of your own hometown for a while. A change in scenery is always refreshing.

8. Indulge in a self-care day that is all about YOU. Go to a spa (or whatever you find relaxing) and just lose yourself in the calming procedure. Cleanse yourself of the noise and rush of the festive season.

Do you have any more suggestions? Add them in the comments below! 

Happy isolation!

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  1. I found this article very relatable except for one thing. It seems the author is still single and living with parents. In my case, am married and hence have to handle these Golu invitations all on my own. Can’t tell you how dreadful I feel every year around this time. Even if I evade them on weekdays, can’t escape on weekends. People who otherwise never talk to me throughout the year, all of a sudden become all chummy, call me on telephone and expect me to turn up on their doorstep, no questions asked. My mom doesn’t help. She thinks if you have been invited and you don’t go, it is bad etiquette. In these days of technology, the invitation doesn’t cost them anything too. Just pick up the phone or worse, send a whatsapp message(probably a send all message). I decided I would honor only those invitations where the host has kept in touch with me. Not just call me to fulfill their quota of guests. I could rant more. But I stop here.


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