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An Entrepreneur – Jeff Lerner


A successful entrepreneur is those who do hard work and they enjoy what they are doing. They are dedicated, driven, and focused. They are goal-oriented and have strong attention to detail. They are highly organized and have boundless energy. These lines are the soul of an entrepreneur JeffLerner.

A 16 years old boy started working in supply rooms at a law firm delivering staples and ink cartridge refills to ornery legal secretaries. Generally, people get satisfied with their small duration of work as they want everything on time and they can’t take the risk. Jeff always wanted to be an entrepreneur. He got fired for “talking back to a secretary” after three weeks of his job. A year later he decided to put his head, heart, and hands in the business world. He had taken on hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans to open his two Restaurant Franchises and he was spending 10 hours a day to keep the stores afloat while also playing a gig. He was working hard and paying all his time to make his business stand. In the middle of the great recession, his business starts falling day by day and so his life. He had developed Arthritis in the wrist because of playing too much piano and laborious work in his franchises. He didn’t leave playing the piano as if his business will not work it will be his last hope. He got evicted from his flat and had to move from there.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. Avoiding all this he continued to do his work and keep trying new earning ways. It was never be easy to start again but Jeff refused to give up. He started pursuing online Affiliate Marketing which led him to his first surplus in a very long time. He was a good learner and soon he became an expert in his field.  After all, he decided to use his skills and help others to grow their businesses. He got trained by multiple business coaches and finally, he gets a chance to use what he had learned.

He grew a team of over fifty people and in six years he has to provide digital marketing to over ten thousand businesses and did over $30 Million in sales. His company became one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Later he sold his agency and created ENTRE Institute- the world’s first COMPLETE Ecosystem for people to build the life of their dreams. His goal is scaling ENTRE to $100 Million in revenue, launching a software course, and finishing his book. He is an assurance to people that if you believe it you can do it.

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