There are a lot of extremely strange and bizarre products out there. Even more so when you factor in online retail stores like Amazon, Flipkart and such, where a seller can put up anything and everything imaginable. 

However, this product that has been revealed to be sold on Amazon is not just strange but also regressive and pathetic.

Apparently, Amazon is selling a pill called ‘iVirgin’ a type of fake blood capsule that allegedly allows women to give the illusion of them bleeding on their first night after marriage. 

We first came across the existence of such a product when this tweet by Twitter user @NameFieldmt found its way on our social media:

What Is This Pill?

Sold by the brand i-Virgin the pill called “i-Virgin – Blood for the First Night” is available on Amazon India at a whopping Rs. 3,000. 

The claims of this products are that it is high quality fake blood in powder form especially meant for the wedding night after marriage. 

It has no side-effects, does not need needles, no surgery (thankful that this was cleared up) and is said to not be toxic. 

The product is meant to be an alternative for Hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction surgery. On their Amazon page the brand advises women to insert the pill into their vagina 2-4 hours before the intercourse and that this “reliably confirms your virginity.”

To add to all this nonsense, Amazon or the brand even had the audacity to give offers like cashback and discount on credit cards of certain banks on the purchase of this product.

The same brand also offers another product that is essentially a fake hymen called the “Spento Himen,” a thin sheet like item which will eventually dissolve into the body around 30-60 minutes after it has been inserted into the vagina. 

It is actually astonishing at the guts of this brand to advertise their product in a manner where it sounds as if they are doing some good service to society.

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Virgin Testing Needs To Stop

Several people on Twitter have also called out this ridiculous product:

And it is really high time that Indians just simply stop putting the importance they do on virginity or hymen of a woman. 

It is extremely derogatory to women and absolutely regressive to even have this conversation in the modern time.

The product has been on the site since June of 2019 but with a few social media posts it has gotten a lot of attention. 

However, it is sad to see that this is not the only product out there and in fact there is a whole business revolving around the virginity of a woman and selling ‘products to fake virginity.’ 

This obsession with virginity needs to be stopped and people need to realise that virginity and purity are not synonyms. 

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Sources: Twitter, Amazon

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