It is going to be three months since the fateful demise of talented Sushant Singh Rajput. The late actor was found dead on the 14th of June and the initial investigation suggested that it was a case of suicide.

However, soon enough, this theory was dissolved among the fans when actress Kangana Ranaut posted a video of herself alleging that a brilliant-minded person like Sushant couldn’t be mentally unstable.

She clearly said that “it is a murder, not a suicide”, keeping all the other (rather important) matters aside, leaving people to speculate they were paid to do so.

It made me wonder about the probable reasons behind the involvement of Kangana Ranaut and Republic TV in this case. Is it just out of goodwill to provide justice to a dead person, or is there an ulterior motive?

Speculated Political Connection Of Kangana And The News Channel And The Relation To SSR Case

It is not news to the aware public that certain news channels, including Republic TV and Times Now, are allegedly pro-BJP and pro-Modi. They have never spoken it out loud of course, but the kind of stories that we watch makes it quite evident.

Republic TV was co-founded by Arnab Goswami and Rajeev Chandrasekhar. The latter is pro-BJP and he had major stakes in the company before he relinquished them in May 2019 after joining BJP officially in 2018

Reporters at Republic TV, including Arnab Goswami, have not refrained from using words like coward, lunatic, and worm for Congress members. Such instances hint towards the fact that these news channels might be a little BJP favoured.

However, we still expect them to showcase the truth, regardless of how brash it is, even if it means criticizing the government’s policies. Our Quarter-1 GDP has dropped 23.9% in the financial year 2020-2021.

In a clip from Times Now’s Newshour, anchor Navika Kumar is seen shutting down a political analyst’s question about declining GDP.

Would you like to comment on any of these lies that are going on rather than being stuck in your mind with GDP?” she said.

Because the life of Rhea Chakraborty is much more important than crores of young people struggling to find jobs. Duh!

Similarly, Rahul Shivshankar, another anchor at Times Now, shut down a panelist who said that he was “disgusted” by the fact that there was a discussion about the Sushant Singh case at a time when GDP has dropped to such low levels.

Both the news channels have repeatedly targeted the Shiv Sena government in relation to the Sushant case, claiming that the Maharashtra government is trying to cover-up the facts.

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Actress Kangana Ranaut also tweeted about how Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has given an open threat to her and asked her to leave Mumbai.

She went on to say “Why Mumbai is feeling like Pakistan Occupied Kashmir?

This makes us wonder if there is a political issue behind this claim, considering that Maharashtra is not ruled by BJP, which Kangana is said to be a supporter of. In the 2019 elections, Kangana was very vocal about her support for BJP and Narendra Modi.

Kangana Ranaut’s latest tweet which has sparked rumours in the country

What Modi Ji stands for are a very strong set of ideas, vision and strength of human ambition. It needs a headstrong nation to be in sync with future possibilities of greatness. Where we stand today, to even dream of a glorious tomorrow needs audacity. We as a nation are ready for it with Modi Ji. There’s nothing more precious than it. I’m over the moon today, literally,” she tweeted after Modi’s win last year.

On this Women’s Day Kangana wants to thank men who made her the woman she is today, Anurag Basu for teaching her acting, Aamir Khan for setting career goals as an artist, Sadhguru for saving her from her own mind and our PM Narendra Modi for being her role model”, tweeted Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel this Women’s Day, indicating that Kangana is indeed Modi favoured.

Kangana once revealed that she is a Modi fan and considers him her role-model

But Kangana might have an added advantage, apart from the alleged political connections. Being an ‘outsider’ who has constantly talked about nepotism in Bollywood, she is now trying to relate Sushant’s story with hers.

Evidence Proving Kangana’s Involvement In The Case For Personal Vendetta

Kangana was the one to start it all by sharing a very powerful, almost two-minute long video of hers. She started by talking about Sushant and him being an outsider in the industry, but later digressed and talked about her own struggles as an outsider.

She has been super active during this course, constantly pointing out the flaws in the industry and the discrimination that an outsider has to face. But more often than not, her remarks seem more about her than about the late actor.

Sushant’s family lawyer, Vikas Singh, said The issue that she is raising is correct, but she is not Sushant Singh Rajput’s representative and neither is she carrying on his case. She is bringing out a general problem in the industry. Sushant may also have been a victim (of nepotism), but she is not representing him. Woh Sushant ka nahi kar rahi kuch bhi (she isn’t doing anything for Sushant). She is only doing her own.

Taapsee Pannu, in response to Kangana’s ‘B-grade actress comment’, said, “I refuse to be bitter. I refuse to take advantage of someone’s death for personal vendetta,” alleging that Kangana is taking advantage of Sushant’s death for her personal reasons.

After her “B-grade actresses” comment on Swara Bhaskar and Taapsee Pannu, people asked Kangana to stop spewing hate, restrict unnecessary personal attacks and not make Sushant’s demise a personal vendetta

Sushant should get the justice that he deserves, but the media companies should realize that there are other matters that require their immediate attention. The same applies to Kangana Ranaut, who should also be careful with the usage of words.

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