Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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All are after RED GANDHI…….


Before You read this article I am saying sorry to you. Why??? You will get to know as you read this……
We all are very busy. Busy with studies. Busy with job or busy with something else, But one thing for sure”WE ARE DAMN BUSY!” After all, everything we do today is to secure our tomorrow. What may happen tomorrow no one knows, so better collect Red Gandhi as much as we can today.
But we all are busy for Whom???For ourselves. Not for others. What I mean to say is “We are 21st century SELFISH peoples”. Why can’t we give some time for the others who rely upon us???? I mean  the poor and  physically Challenged peoples.  We think “Why should we? It is the work of the Governments and  NGO’s.” 
But ironically our politicians are very poor. They get themselves fed on our money. So don’t EXPECT them to do something and the no. of NGOs  in our country is too small in proportion to the people who need us. So why can’t we act as Good Human beings and help the NGOs. I am not writing this article on behalf of any NGOs. I wrote this because am deeply moved by the state of  some blind children begging in a train station. They need us. I have donated my eyes at Venu Eye Centre, New Delhi for  these children and I will help them in many more ways and I request my readers to do the same. Please donate your Eyes. You will live in this world even if you leave this world………….

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