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Banned .. Will it be ?


Now .. what a start for the year 2012! Already much hype has been created about this year with rumors doing the round, that this is gonna be the “LAST YEAR” of mankind. And on the top of it the Govt of India is planing to follow its Chinese counterparts footsteps by thinking of a move to ban sites like Google and Facebook. I mean are you kidding me? Banning sites like Google which is the prime search engine and Facebook which is the first hand social networking site will amount to nothing more than total mess ! I mean even thinking about doing it   should be a crime ( If I was to judge) . OK now they do have their negative points but who doesn’t ! In today’s era I don’t think internet will exist among the common people without Google.

Does the government really don’t know its importance in our life or is it trying to pretend to not knowing. If the former is to be believed then they couldn’t have been more ignorant than this. I mean if we are knowing what is happening world wide around us, if we getting to know why the value of rupee is dropping day by day, if facts like the Euro zone crisis, Libya’s war for democracy, Bin Laden being killed, etc reach us instantly does it not over shadow what ever cons it has. More over today Facebook cannot be merely regarded as a social networking site. Its much more than that ! It gives the much called for space for the young people to express and share their vies, opinions and feelings. It can’t only be regarded as a site which is meant to communicate with people rather it is a platform which provides the initial break through needed to any creative and innovative mind which dares to think apart from this rigorously monotonous society. No doubt it has occupied such an important place in our lives. So in this era of globalization this move if really materialized can only be cited as an backward step. This is an display of a very poor outlook on the part of the Government ! And I think our rulers have forgotten that India is a democratic country in contrast with China which is an communist country!


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