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Airtel’s 4G Service: We Liv’ED It


ED loves to try out new products, services and apps. And today we got our hands on Airtel’s 4G service. So here’s how we Liv’ED the entire experience of getting it activated on our phone.

1. I use an Iphone 5s and received a sms from Airtel few days back saying that I can upgrade to 4G from my current 3G plan at no extra cost, also that 4G is available at the same price of 3G. I obviously had no reason to hold back and called their customer care instantly. #WhoDoesntLoveBetterSpeed


2. The customer care guided me through the process and the next step for me was to request for a ‘free’ 4G sim by logging into:   #ThatWasSimple

Airtel request sim

3. Within 2-3 hours, Airtel’s delivery person was at my door with the new 4G sim, at no cost to me (plus the cost of using 4G is same as 3G)   #ThatWasQuickAndEasy


4. I replaced my sim instantly and followed the procedure to get 4G activated on my phone (had to send a sms to Airtel using the 12 digit pin provided with the sim). And within no time, I was all excited like a kid to try out the new speed on my phone. #ExcitedLikeAKid


5. Voila! Its on! Its active. The speed felt almost double of 3G. The rest of the day I was online doing what I mostly do, enjoying the superb speed and service. #AccheDinAaGaye


As the ED tradition goes, here’s the rating:

Criterion (rating out of 5, 5 being highest)

Offer – 5

Procedure – 5

Delivery & activation time – 4

Speed and use- 4

There you go! So here’s our ‘Liv’ED It’ on Airtel latest 4G service, are you planning to try it soon? Send us your experience in the comments below. #TryAway


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