The Latest AIB And TrulyMadly Video ‘Watchboyz’ Is The Perfect Response To Chauvinism

Cricket or Hockey? Nope. Believe it or not, judging is the Indian society’s favourite sport. Women bear the brunt of constant humiliation for indulging in all that the society considers as ‘blasphemy’ or associates with men in general.

People nothing but crave to play the moral police. But who laid down the guidelines to morality? What’s morally wrong to one could be completely just to another. And no, Sooraj Barjatya is not the pioneer of Indian morality contrary to what many ‘intellectuals’ believe.

We are in great need of an increase in sensitivity towards the freedom of women. They have no obligation to lead a life according to what you believe. What they want is their business and we have no right to judge them.

And what better way to put this message forward than through a band of watchmen with music powerfully packed with sarcasm. Ironic, how the ‘besharam’ AIB have constructed a video as forward thinking and innovative as this. Dare I say it, but it seems like they possess more sense than a majority of their critics.

Presenting the modern Beatles, ‘The Watchboyz’:


So what do they do that’s so unconventional? They apologize. ‘The Watchboyz’ apologize to their ‘Madam’ (referring to different girls at different parts of the video) for judging her in the past.

They judged her for bringing men to her home. The Uncle and Aunties of her neighbourhood also considered her to be immoral. Yes, bringing boys to her home must mean that something ‘shameful’ must have occurred. Because no boy and girl happen to just talk, ever. If the narrow-minded had it their way, there would be a 50-metre gap between every man and woman before marriage.

They judged her for leaving a boy’s house and donning his shirt which presumably means they had sex. It lead to the dreaded ‘walk of shame’ with the glaring neighbours labelling her as ‘mooh kaala’. They also make a valid point that had she been a man instead, people would call him a ‘stud’ or a ‘casanova’. All women get is slut-shaming or degradation through name calling.

The video hits its peak of humour with the portrayal of ‘Kamla Bai’ whose rap easily puts the likes of Raftaar and Honey Singh to shame. Kamla bai now empathizes with the ‘madam’ after she fell in love with one of the watchmen (hilariously, though) and the society started calling her names like ‘Awara’ and ‘Badchalan’.

She subsequently attacks the ‘Mishras’ and ‘Sharmas’ who hypocritically insult women despite themselves being involved in extra-marital affairs. And goes on to encourage the women that they’re not wrong in doing what they desire and if there is resistance from the society, then just fight it.

In the words of the Watchboyz to all the women out there:

You can bring a boy to your house if you want to.

You can drink if you want to.

You can smoke if you want to.

You can pray during your periods if you want to.

Kaun hain hum judge karne wale?


Here’s the video:

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