November 04: Abellian Finman is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which provides the finest services with the perfect combination of value, trust, and precision to guide their clients with potential profits. With the aim of curating and delivering customised models, Abellian provides cost management strategies to assist businesses in managing and boosting their revenue growth.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate number – OQC-22-QMS-UB0185/B-00324

Assessed by Opastaja Quality Control and registered against the requirements Certificate No: OQC-22-QMS-UB0185/B-00324

Start up India Recognition Certificate no. – DIPP106481

UDYAM Registration Certification no. – UDYAM-KR-22-002864

Start up India MAARG Mentor id. – M9f111b

Overnight success is a myth. Like any other company, Abellian Finman also had reasonably predictable patterns of growth; initially struggling to gain a foot- hold and get recognition in the crowded market and later, establishing a solid base of loyal and long-term customers.

“Abellian Finman has spread its clientele base to incorporate some of the largest manufacturing giants, pharmaceutical and FMCG companies of India,” mentions the man behind the company.

Abellian Finman enables identifying cost drivers to mitigate system inefficiencies, and adequately analyse business infrastructure, resources, and people to increase financial productivity along the Cost Management Value Chain.


In a breakneckspeed world, waiting is the hardest part. While other companies struggle to match up with speed, Abellian Finman’s USP lies in fulfilling the needs of every client as swiftly as possible. The company not only adds value to the client’s portfolio but also greases the wheels of their savings.

It may not sound like an easier task to help align businesses with their financial potential and equip them to fully optimise their available capacities but Abellian Finman does it pretty well almost every day and that’s the reason why Abellian has gained so much traction in just a few years of its inception.

The company’s contentment lies in helping companies build effective, regulated and automated cost hierarchies by providing solutions to combat costs, factor budgets and avoid revenue leakages.

Another ineluctable fact that sets Abellian apart from the crowd is its impregnable aim to enable companies to build long-term visions through effective financial planning and management and imbibe a culture of efficient financial decision making.


Complex and highly technical finance and accounting issues can bog any company down and cause added stress concomitantly. As a saviour emerges Abellian Finman that has mastered the art of solving every accounting challenge quite effortlessly. It specializes in offering varied accounting services right from General Accounting, Inter-company & Resource Allocation, Fixed Assets, and Inventory Accounting, to Revenue Accounting, Cost Management Accounting, and Statutory Accounting & Reporting.

Needless to say, syncing tax strategies with organisational goals is a tough row to hoe. Abellian Finman comes to the fore to help clients implement an integrated range of tax services in line with the regulatory changes. It is a preferred choice of businesses for Tax Compliance & Filings, and Reporting (Internal, External & Regulatory).

Constantly evolving business landscape, technological advancements, and regulatory changes create a sea change in the business environment. Abellian Finman regularly checks the pulse of future innovations and accordingly enables businesses to rethink their finances cost-effectively and smartly.

Under its plethora of services also lie forming financial models for several startups and businesses with a mindset to make businesses economically viable ”By analysing business data and insight, Abellian Finman offers solutions to help clients improve profitability and all-in-all performance.

Our mission has encouraged us daily to build the organisation from the ground up and ensure its stability through the challenges ahead.”- Abel S Boaz


Strong organisational culture is not created overnight. It requires work from leadership from day one and needs to be at the forefront of all significant decisions. As Abel puts it, “What has helped us reach infinite heights is our workplace culture.” Every team member wears many hats and works round the clock to complete every task as quickly as possible. Everyone works on a common goal which acts as fuel to push the team productivity.

No alternative ideas or opinions are suppressed in Abellian Finman. Instead, it runs on the belief that diverse opinions stir the pot of creativity and help the team unearth new perspectives. Threatening the status quo and uncovering out-of-the-box ideas is a daily affair in the company.

The goal-oriented and hyper-focused team of Abellian Finman, with specialized expertise and complementary skills, collaborates and innovates to produce work at the highest levels.


Abellian Finman is on a growth trajectory since its inception and it is certainly going to continue achieving momentous landmarks in the years to come. The company envisions becoming a trusted partner for providing cost management solutions to Indian businesses and abroad.

To achieve its mission of providing specialised expertise and delivering mission-critical services to enable business growth, Abel and his team are working day and night and that’s how any company climbs the ladder of success.

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