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AAP jaisa koi meri Dilli mai aaye!


We all wanted a revolution, revolution in terms of a change in the society. A ‘change’ that could change our lives forever, make us more sensible and sensitive to the needs of others and the one which could unite us through the thread of belongingness. We all belong together and  should be treated equally in terms of caste, race, class, sex, gender or any other form of inequality people often face in the society. We all need to accept each other the way we are and only then can we think about the change all of us hope to see around us. The Delhi Assembly Election’s result is not only a proof of the mass movement the nation witnessed, but also a proof of our growth towards the change we once aimed for. However, we still need to work in that direction!

                                                                               True Story, isn’t it? :P


The Aam Admi Party did create history like it promised during its election campaign, by sweeping away 67 seats out of the 70 seats in the Delhi constituency.


                                           Kejriwal greeting all his supporters in Patel Nagar.

Moment of joy, indeed.

This definitely proved to be a major blow to the Bhartiya Janta Party since it had expected the results to be in their favour. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, after a clear win in the State Assembly Elections stated, “We will always walk the path of truth…It is very scary, the kind of support the people in Delhi have given us.”

                                                                          D Day for Congress?


Even the Indian National Congress isn’t far behind in the race of creating history, it too created history by winning zero out of 70 seats in the Delhi Constituency.

                                                                                  OH! Yes.

It is somehow difficult to believe that the party which ruled Delhi for 15 years under the governance of Sheila Dixit, failed to even win one seat in the Assembly Election.


How others Congratulated MufflerMan:

Mr. Narendra Modi congratulated the Aam Admi Party on its victory and also invited Mr. Arvind Kejriwal for a “chai pe charcha”. He also tweeted, “Spoke to @ArvindKejriwal and congratulated him on the win. Assured him centre’s complete support in the development of Delhi.”

hqdefault - Copy
                           Too much tea isn’t good for health. Hope this one turns out to be green tea. :D

Kiran Bedi accepted her defeat gracefully and even before the results were declared, stated,” If the party wins it will be a collective victory, if it loses, I will take full responsibility.”

IMG-20150210-WA0004 (2)

However, after the results were declared she switched to, “I have not lost, the Bhartiya Janta Party has lost. I gave it my best. BJP is a national party, it should introspect on why it has lost.
She only did, what she does best! SWITCH!


To congratulate Kejriwal, she later tweeted, “Full marks to Arvind. Congratulation. Now take Delhi to heights it belongs to. Make it a world class city.”

Yogendra Yadav explained how Kiran Bedi ended up becoming a  ‘scapegoat’ and was only brought to the Bhartiya Janta Party when it “scented defeat”. One of the grand gesture on the Aam Admi Party’s side after its win was to give the Bhartiya Janta Party the status of the Leader of Opposition in the Delhi Assembly even when it does not qualify for the post. Kumar Vishwas tweeted, “Even if BJP gets less than 7 seats, we will give LOP to BJP. Democracy runs through consensus.”
How AAP volunteers and members celebrated their victory.

                                                                 Kumar Vishwas with Arvind Kejriwal.

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is expected to be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Delhi on February 14, 2015. Strangely, he resigned on the same date last year after serving the state as the Chief Minister for 49 days. The reason for his resignation was both the Bhartiya Janta Party and Congress  not allowing the introduction of the Jan Lokpal Bill. He even accused the two parties of working together, under cover.

Well, the journey has not been simple. Here’s a quick at MufflerMan’s and the Aam Admi Party’s journey from starting as freshmen to creating history! Cheers for the victory.
The rise, fall and the rise of the Aam Admi Party.


                                 How much effort and hard work goes into this sort of achievement!
                                February 10,2015
                               AAP’s Victory

2006-32                    Kejriwal won the 2006 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership.


                               Worked with another social activist, Anna Hazare, for  the RTI Act.

                                                                          The rise of the Aam Admi.


                                         During one of the protest for the Jan Lokpal Bill.

ak5                                                      Kejriwal during his first term as the Chief Minister. 

Delhi Assembly session


                                    MufflerMan did not settle for a compromise and hence resigned!

ak13                                                               Kejriwal’s resignation letter.

kejriwal-afp1                                                       Civil Disobedience: Burning the electricity bills.

                                                                                    Purna Swaraj!

                                    The mass movement led to something, Legen-waitforit-dary!

                                            The caps being prepared for the election campaigning!


                                              Gul Panag’s daring act to campaign for AAP on her Bullet. :D

                                                                   The Women Dialogue Chapter.

                                                                     The Babarbur Rally Chapter.

Youth Dialogue Jantar Mantar (54)                                                                    The Youth Dialogue Chapter.

IMG-20150210-WA0005                                                                                      The finale!

                                                                #Celebrating AAP’s victory as our own.

We look forward to his days of governance as Delhi’s Chief Minister, hoping that he lives upto the expectations everyone has from him. One has to start somewhere, and if not everything then even a small step towards change will make a difference. We wish you good luck, MufflerMan! :)

Well, one should never underestimate the power of a common man.



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