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A young and serial entrepreneur: Joshua Walton


Joshua Walton is a 19-year-old entrepreneur and computer engineer. He hails from Toronto Ontario Canada but currently lives in Orlando Florida. Earlier Joshua was a basketball player with hopes of making it to the NBA however as he grew older he realized that the path was not the one for him. “I always had a passion for creating things and was aware that I would become an entrepreneur at a point in my life. Even before I started playing basketball I would tell people I wanted to be an inventor at an early age.” Joshua is now working on his primary project DropZone which is a service he has started. Also, he is working on other brainstorming ideas simultaneously. “I am also a self -taught day trader and have picked some flourish stocks very early.” 

Joshua’s inspiration 

To make an impact in, Joshua figured out that he needs to solve the problem everyone is facing including him. “I wanted to solve the issue that was not being notified when brands were releasing exclusive products”, Joshua stated. After discussing with people close to him, he founded that he wasn’t the only one experiencing this issue. When he faced the same issue he wanted to work on it. 

His uncle is the inspiration behind day trading.  

A brief about Joshua’s work 

Dropzone, a platform created by Joshua where users receive an instant notification via SMS when their favourite companies release products that they want to buy. Users also have an option to subscribe to companies as a whole and be notified for any individual product they release or sale. At present, the startup has a website where users can access this service as well as an application in development. “I picked this idea because it is something I needed when trying to get an exclusive product most of the time they sell out in a matter of seconds, this led me to miss out on exclusive products many times.” Many times people are unaware of the release of a product. “I believe it should benefit the retailers as more the people know about your products the better it will sell. 

Here is what Joshua looks forward to 

“I would like to expand my team and primarily add a group of computer engineers to it as well as relocating the company to California. In addition to this, I would like to sign smaller brands to up to my service as I believe it will benefit both parties.” He also plans to promote the company through some influencers. 

Joshua’s goal is to have every brand ranging from designer to streetwear using the application. He looks forward to doing a partnership with social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook where users will be able to see any product they like to click and get notified about its release date.  

Life-changing moments in Joshua’s life

One such moment for Joshua is the passing away of his sister. This put his life in perspective and showed him that he has to just work for the betterment of the lives of people around him.

 Another life-changing moment for him is meeting his mentor Warren Sturt. “He taught me a lot about business and marketing as well as how to launch a successful product.” 

The pandemic has also helped in shaping Joshua’s perspective on what he should be doing.

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