This unexpected pandemic has given a swift turnaround to our life. Apart from the not-so-good happenings, it has taught us a lot, and above all, it has shown us the importance of every breath we take. 

Lockdown and coronavirus have caused a hell of a lot of problems, but amid these problems, some people have come above the surface to help others in need. 

One such gem is Shehnawaz Shaikh, a 31-year-old Mumbai resident who sold his Ford Endeavour so people can get oxygen on time.

What Inspired Him? 

On May 28, the sister of Shehnawaz’s business partner, who was also six weeks pregnant, died due to coronavirus. She was taken to five hospitals, but the hospitals refused to admit her due to the lack of hospital beds. She died in front of the sixth hospital in an auto-rickshaw.

Talking with his doctor friends, Shehnawaz later learned that her life could have been saved if she could have gotten oxygen at the right time. 

This incident inspired him to work for the gaps in our medical facilities. With the help of his friend, he got in direct contact with the dealer. He sold his car to raise money for the cylinders. 

This is the car that Shehnawaz sold to arrange money.

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Shehnawaz has distributed free oxygen cylinders to around 250 families. Working with Dr. Sabauddin Shaikh of Care hospital, Shehnawaz also made a video explaining the how-to of an oxygen cylinder. 

He said:

“I’m not claiming to provide an alternative to hospitalization. All we can help with is providing life support to people with breathing difficulties.”

Even before selling his car, Shehnawaz used his car as a free ambulance for people in Malad. Helping poor people who could not afford transportation was no less than a heroic deed in this period of crisis. 

Shehnawaz’s car was his cherished possession, he embedded that car with a customized music system, and a premium number plate (-007-). 

When asked if giving up his car was painful, he said- “No, It’s not hard to give up one car to save someone’s life. Even if I’m blessed by just one grateful family for this deed, I will be able to buy four such cars someday.”

With so much going on around the world, these helping hands make the world of a difference.

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Source: Mumbai Mirror, News18, Times Now News

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