Can you imagine your home without good towels? They are much more than something to dry yourself with. If chosen well, they can work wonders to accentuate your bathroom décor and be your best companion at a beach or pool. But towels can be many different kinds. These include face towels, hand towels and bath towels, in increasing order of size. It’s important to choose different towels for different uses, especially for hygiene. Bath towels are the largest and can work well for drying your body after a bath or after a swim in the pool or ocean.

So, how do you choose the best towels for all your needs? Here’s a useful guide on purchasing and taking care of bath towels.


Cotton is the best material for bath towels. It checks off a few important boxes. For starters, it is far more durable than polyester and nylon. This means it will last longer than these materials. Cotton is also the softest material and has high absorbency. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin or who are prone to allergies.


Bath towels with a density of 300-400 grams per square meter (GSM) are thinner and lighter. Although they dry faster, they may not be ideal as bath towels. Towels with a 400-600 GSM can be good for everyday use, while one with a 600-900 GSM is super absorbent and feels extra luxurious. 

You need to choose the category of bath towels carefully. 

  • Swift Dry pure cotton bath towel is a good choice for travelling since they dry faster than regular towers.
  • Hygro cotton bath towel is a great choice if you use your towel frequently and need to wash it often. Hygro towels become softer and more absorbent after every wash. That’s because these new-age towels are made of hollow cotton.
  • Luxury pure cotton towels are perfect to enhance the appeal of your bathroom while ensuring premium comfort. If you run a hotel and want to impress your guests, opt for luxurious absorbent pure cotton bath towels under the exclusive hotel collection.


Adults and kids might want different looks from their towels. If you want a bath towel for yourself, you can choose from elegant solid colours like pine green, cobalt blue, maroon, gunmetal grey, mustard and chocolate. These colours are highly trending and can enhance the sophistication of your bathroom. Moreover, being bold and vivid, they don’t fade easily.

However, think beyond colours when it comes to choosing the best bath towels for your kids. Choose bright colours for them, such as red, purple, sky blue, pink, and yellow. You can also look for fun and exciting fandom themes for children. Some examples are Minions, Disney’s Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel, Ariel, Cinderella, and Marvel’s Spiderman. They might just you’re your little ones excited about bath time. Ensure that these bath towels are made of pure cotton so that they are gentle on your child’s soft skin.

Care Guide

  • If you iron your towels, always use low heat. 
  • Ensure you wash cotton bath towels at 40 degrees in m/c.
  • Wash the towels in their own load on warm or cold, separately from linens or clothing. Wash them on a gentle cycle. Remember to wash coloured and white towels separately. 
  • Avoid staining or discolouration by never using products that claim to disinfect, brighten, or whiten. These include household cleaners, bleach and personal care products that come with alpha-hydroxy and benzoyl peroxide acids. Bleach can stain or discolour your towels permanently. 
  • Don’t use too much detergent when washing your towels. This can make the towels stiff and rough. 
  • Avoid using liquid fabric softener since it can cause waxy buildup. This can lower the absorbency of towels. 
  • Air-dry your towel by hanging it on a rack or hook. When your machine-dry your towel after washing, choose low heat to preserve its softness. 
  • Store dried towels in a properly ventilated space that is clean and dry. To maintain their fluffiness, shake your towels before folding them.

Make sure to shop for cotton towels online at a store that offers the best bath towels, such as the fluffiest cotton towels. Read the specifications carefully to make an informed purchase and follow the care instructions to make them last for years to come. Look for an easy return policy in case you need to return your order. Keep these things in mind to shop for bath towels online satisfactorily.



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