A book by well-known writer Mr. Ali Sherazi, who claims that his Book “Suno Tum Sitare Ho” will definitely make a positive effect on your life. He says if you see no change in your life in post-reading, you can take back your 100% of the money. Suno tum sitare ho has been published 30 times in 7 months in 3 different languages, Many famous cricketers like Wasim Akram, Aamir, Westler the Great Khali, and actress Amisha Patel has appreciated this book.
Let’s talk about this record-breaking book “Suno tum Sitare ho” As the name suggests this book is about the stars that have stopped shining. In different words, this book defines a person who has lost hope in his life. This book has a positive effect on everyone who feels that their life is over, there’s no purpose left in their life.
After getting published 30 times in just 7 months, this book has proved that it surely creates a positive impact on everyone life who reads this book. And another thing that makes this book special that is the book not only guides you about the world but This book will tells you, how you can connect yourself with the originator of this universe.
Mr. Ali Sherazi has described every aspect and every factor of life in considerable detail. His book shows how deeply he analyzes every side of life. This book speaks about human personality, social development, the relationship with God, the value of relationships, decision making, the importance of gratitude, the reasons for failure, and many such topics. Along with this, he has also narrated some instructive events of his life so that people can relate to them.
Mr. Ali Sherazi has stated in his book that whoever starts dreaming becomes the most successful in the world. In this book, Mr. Ali Sherazi has given the real meaning of having faith. He says that If a man considers this innumerable scenery of nature, he will not find anything useless. Everything is assigned with a specific responsibility. These scenes of the glory of Allah make man know the almighty and then the same identity changes into belief. This book says that there is a system in this world where rewards do not go to intelligent but to believers.
Mr. Ali Sherazi has also mentioned some quotes of Shakespeare and Baba Bulleh Shah which are “know your own world” and “have a look in yourself”. Listen you are a star is a book that will help you Boost Your Self Confidence so that you can climb all the mountains of success in your life.
This book is written on his life journey and his experiences, after reading this book you will surely find some effortless positive impacts on your thinking.


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