When I had my school farewell all my friends were crying and reminiscing all the memories they made while in school. I kind of didn’t feel anything; I just couldn’t believe I was going to leave the place.

Eventually, things ended there and I entered college. However, in some time I realized how much I missed my school. I just didn’t express it.

And I already know that’s going to be the same for college after I bid ‘fare thee well’ to it.

Yes, everyone is fed up with their college life, because it’s not even slightly close to what you imagined. Fair enough, but you’ll agree that there still are a million things to remember about that place, the friends you made, the friends you found in seniors and teachers and of course the hostel life.

What is different about my college, than yours? Well here is how:

Hum IP wale hai!!!!!

When someone asks you your college what do you say? Hansraj, Hindu, IIT-Delhi, VIPS?


Well not for us.

My college is Amity Law School Delhi, GGSIPU. Yes, it’s affiliated to IP, it’s not the private one.


It is Amity only that it’s not.

Most of our college life and I am sure even long after that, actually all our life, we’ll be clearing the fact that we are in fact ALSD’ians.

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What am I going to miss about ALSD?

  1. Students:

Yup, the energy at ALSD is just something else, and given the fact that we are law students you can imagine.

On a serious note though, I just love how the student community stays together.

I have made some crazy (read: amazing) friends. I haven’t met such retards in my life. Just very weird people. I now can literally do a Ph.D. on human behaviour.

But mind you, not all of us here are planning to litigate in the end, most of us are just exploring right now and I am sure each one of us will be able to find what we’re looking for.

Also, ALSD has some of the best seniors, because learning ‘mooting’ (read: what’s the most important Law School activity?) can be freaking frustrating but our college’s system of mooting allows everyone to give a deeper thought into it at least once. And the seniors are always available to help.

  1. Societies especially my favourite: Rangrasiya- the theatre society of ALSD

Cultural societies have little scope in colleges of professional studies. But ALSD has the fervour to retain the essence of these societies. Though we may not get as many opportunities as other colleges but we make use of whatever is given to us.

And I am glad I could be a part of the most fun society at ALSD- Rangrasiya: The Dramatics Society.

Dramatics Society of ALSD
The Dramatics Society of ALSD

Our Drama society is a madhouse, full of energy. I have learnt so much from Theatre, of course, courtesy the amazing seniors. It was one activity to take your mind out of the daily stress that is the life of a law student.

  1. The campus:

Okay yes, we are not Amitians literally but we get to be in the same campus, and of course who’d not miss the very huge, green and well-packaged campus where famous celebrities would just casually and occasionally show up.

Campus ALSD

  1. Not one but two fests:

Yes, Amity’s and IP’s. Life just got good, buddy. :)

Image Credits: Google Images, College site

Sources: Wikipedia, Wikipedia, Lawctopus, ALSD website

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