The craze of having a million likes and being a TikTok star has taken over the young minds. People are content-hungry and will go to any extent to keep up with their reputation and stay popular.

New and entertaining trends are being attempted by TikTokers every now and then, but sometimes the trends go too far. TikTok being one of the most influential video making sites promotes the participation of large numbers of youngsters in such risky challenges.

Several people have died or been severely injured because they could not differentiate between an entertaining challenge and a life-threatening stunt.

Let’s take a look at a few trends that you must avoid at any cost –

Infamous Skull Breaker Challenge

This challenge involves three people standing next to one another. All three jump in the air at the same time and the ones on either end kick the legs of the person standing in between.

The heart-wrenching part is that the middle person in the challenge is often unaware of what is going to happen. Many have reported bullying linked to this challenge.

Hot Water Challenge

Before briefing you on this challenge, let me remind you that an 8-year-old kid lost her life while attempting a version of this challenge. The old version involved drinking boiling water directly through a straw whereas the new version involves throwing boiling water on another person.

It has led to serious burns and one victim of this challenge has disclosed that the skin on his chest just fell off when hot water was poured on him when he was asleep.

Choking Cereal TikTok Challenge

Simple yet dangerous challenge! One person uses another person’s mouth as a bowl. Disgusting! The person being used as a bowl lies down with their mouth open. Milk and cereal are then poured into their mouth so that it can be eaten with a spoon.

It is quite hazardous as it leads to choking when the person acting as the bowl can’t adjust to the quantity of food in his or her mouth.

Throw It in The Air TikTok Challenge

People form a circle and bend their heads, waiting for the object thrown up to land on one of their heads. Yes! Sounds insane!

Yet, many people have attempted it and been hospitalised due to a concussion. The object used can range from a spoon to a bike which lands on the neck sometimes, leading to severe injury.

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Penny Challenge

This one requires you to slide a coin between the partially plugged-in phone charger. The current flows through the conductor and generates a spark.

It has caused fires and led to the sparks flying in the eyes of the individual trying the said challenge. The trend was quite popular among teenagers who were trying it on their school campus. It could lead to hundreds of people losing their lives if a fire broke out.

Lighten Your Eye TikTok Challenge

In an attempt to lighten the eye color, TikTokers participated in the challenge. Want to know how?

These smart teenagers were mixing bleach, hand sanitizer, jelly, and shaving cream. Then, the mixture was applied to the user’s eyeball for an entire minute.

If you are wondering whether it worked, NO! Of course not! The fact that one would even consider putting something so dangerous in the eyes, the most fragile part of our body just for views and better looking eyes, sound psychotic to me.

Fire Challenge

Here the individuals apply a flammable liquid on a particular part of their body and light it up. Naturally, the liquid bursts into flames leaving first or second degree burns. I am honestly appalled.

Beware of any new challenges and research before attempting them. Do not attempt anything absurd under peer pressure as you may regret it later.

No number of likes can equal the value of your health and life.

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Source- New York Post, Forbes 

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