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7 Taylor Swift Songs That Narrate every Girl’s Love Life Perfectly


12 years ago, a 14 year old teenager left her home in Pennsylvania to travel to Tennessee with one dream: to make it big in the world of country music. With cat like Beautiful Eyes and blonde curls, she wore a Fearless aura, and today is famous for her Red lipstick and oh-so-relatable songs.

It’s Taylor Swift’s birthday! And every year, she just gets better!!!!

Having shifted from country to pop in the course of her career, Swift has risen like the star she was meant to be. Since the beginning, she has composed songs perfectly describing the life of every girl. For every instance, there is a Taylor Swift song. No wonder she is popular.

With age, Swift songs have matured too. From a sweet secret admirer, she now sits on the driver seat of the relationship in her songs. Take a look…

  1. You belong with me
    Every girl can relate to this. High school. Cute guy. But taken. And you have been friend zoned at best. So you could never approach him, never tell him how you really feel. Never helps if the girlfriend is a bitch. And damn the boy because he never showed how he felt for you either! And yet somehow, at the tender age of a high school junior, since it’s all roses and rainbows, you do end up together. All it took was one pretty gown.

  2. Love story
    Even when she goes to college, every girl dreams of the perfect Prince Charming. And when you find him, it’s even more exciting when there are obstacles and hurdles and it’s you and him versus the world! Love story is all about “Love conquers all”.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xg3vE8Ie_E 
  3. Story of us
    Relationships don’t always last. Eventually, the mind realizes the hormones mistake: it wasn’t love, it was more of infatuation. And then you like the meme that says “When you see your ex and think ‘Was I drunk the whole relationship?’” Either way, post-break-up encounters are awkward and you tend to avoid each other and all memories.

  1. Picture to burn
    In a relationship, or even after it, the two people move at different paces. If he moves on before you, and you see him with another, no matter how much you deny it to yourself, it’s gonna bring back some unwelcome drama. But it’s time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and toughen up girl! For tips, watch the video.
  2. Red
    Oh the RED phase! You are alone, but you miss him. You want to go back, but you must remember the reason you escaped. In Taylor’s words, the song as well as the album by the same name are “pretty much about the sexy, crazy, insane, intense, semi-toxic relationships” and “All those emotions – spanning from intense love, intense frustration, jealousy, confusion – in my mind, all those emotions are red. There’s nothing in between; there is nothing beige about any of those feelings.”

  3. Blank Spaces
    But you are now grown up and in all honesty, a little wild. You know how to take care of yourself and you like to be on top. No guy will ever come close to hurting you again, though if he hasn’t heard from your long list of ex-lovers, that you are insane, then God save him! :P

  4. Shake it off
    All right girl… enough crazies! So you have made a lot of mistakes. But so did Taylor Swift! But what’s the next step? Uh-huh… Shake it off! And let the cycle repeat.

So that’s 26 years of Taylor Swift. You can check out her latest releases here.
Share, and comment if you think we missed out any song you relate to…


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