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6 Remarkable Sites to See When in Hong Kong


By Sulakshna Mondal

If you’re here reading this article, it means that you’ve already planned your travel to Hong Kong. There you’ll find several crazy skyscrapers, cultural and traditional establishments and lots of opportunities to travel in cable cars with views of the mountains and the rivers.

To get there, you’ll need a pre-arrival visa especially generated for Indians to travel to Hong Kong. It can be obtained from the site, https://www.hongkongvisa.in/ by completing a series of questions online. Once that, the ticket and stay is sorted, you should start building an unforgettable itinerary.


What places do we recommend? Here’s a quick list:

Victoria Peak
This can be the first thing you see when you land in Hong Kong. The Victoria Peak will provide you with the best view of the whole city, including many skyscrapers and mountains. The sight will be fascinating as you travel through the chairlift to reach the peak. Other than the extraordinary view, you will be able to enjoy a gentle breeze and take envy inducing Instagram pictures.

This is hands down the best place to visit while in Hong Kong. You can spend hours there with your children and never get enough of it. And even if there are no kids on board your trip, Disneyland is one experience you can never choose to miss. Luckily there are lavish lodges situated in the park where you can stay overnight and see the place again as the sun rises.

Garden of Stars
A destination where you can view the beautiful sunset and the stars at the same time is the
Garden of Stars (Venue of Stars). It is a vast area that replicates some statues of the best performers throughout China. Like the Walk of Fame, it includes several tablets with stars’
handprints on them along with their names. The park itself is a pleasant place to roam for leisure and peaceful walks.

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Get Ready For Some Buddha Magic
When you visit Hong Kong, a deep-rooted place of culture and tradition that has the most number of temples among all other worshiping nations, leaving out the Buddhas while there can be as if you didn’t see anything.

Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery
Although it’s not exactly a monastery housing religious monks in it but it does contain many
statues of Buddha (probably more than ten thousand). To reach this temple, you’d first have to climb a total of 400 stairs, but don’t worry as there are Buddhas placed on the sides of every step in different postures to keep you entertained. So when you reach the top, you will be able to finally see the mesmerising temple preceded by a keeper statue to welcome guests. The temple is filled with smaller statues of Buddhas scattered all over the place.

Tian Tan Buddha Statue
The biggest statue of a sitting Buddha to ever exist in the world is the Big Buddha statue (Tian Tan Buddha). Which was once a silent monastery is now a place for most number of tourists in Lantau Island of Hong Kong. It also consists of several stairs to climb but provides a serene
atmosphere to practice peace and silence once on top of it.

Hong Kong Tian Tan Buddha

Ocean Park
The original theme park of this island, the fascinating, Ocean Park should be on your list even with Disneyland. In this theme park, you’ll not only get to sit on thrilling rides but also be able to see exotic ocean creatures like the sea cucumbers. Not only that, a range of wildlife will also be a fascinating sight to your eyes including adorable red and standard pandas.

Excited to see HK already? ;)

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