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5 Times That Celebs Walked Out Of An Interview Because Of A Rude Interviewer

Actors have been called unprofessional and difficult for walking out of an interview. However, here are a few instances when celebs walked out of an interview or been rude because of the interviewer only.


Celebrities give tens and hundreds of interviews in an year, be it for their film promotions, some campaign they are working on or even any big moment they might be experiencing.

These interviews are a great way for the audience to feel a little closer to their favourite actor and learn their thoughts on a variety of topics.

However, many times there have been instances when celebrities have walked out of an interview mid-way, abruptly leaving the audience shell-shocked.

Previously celebs who would do this were called unprofessional and being too high maintenance who couldn’t take a few difficult questions. But perhaps the entire blame does not lie on the celeb and it could be the interviewer only who made the scenario uncomfortable by asking unnecessary questions.

Here are a few instances when celebs have been rude or left an interview because of the interviewer only:

1. Sunny Leone’s Perfect Reply To Rude Questions:

Sunny Leone went from being a ‘sexy’ girl to being an ‘inspirational’ woman when her interview with CNN-IBN journalist Bhupendra Chaubey came out in 2016. The way she dealt with his misogynistic and clearly rude and judgemental questions left everyone impressed.

When Bhupendra commented that “I’m wondering whether I’m being morally corrupted because I’m interviewing you”, Leone very coolly replied that “Well, I can leave if you want me to” which shut up the interviewer instantly.

2. Modi Walked Out Of This Interview 10 Years Ago:

In 2007, the now PM Modi walked out of Karan Thapar’s CNN-IBN interview called ‘Devil’s Advocate’ after the interviewer touched upon topics like the post-Godhra riot period and if Modi had an image problem.

3. Robert Downey Jr. Leaves Interview Mid-Way:

While doing press for the 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron, Downey Jr. had an unpleasant experience with the Channel 4 presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy when Guru kept pressing on things that Downey Jr. had said in the past, political stance, relationship with his father, his drugs and drinking problem and more.

Taking a statement from a 2008 interview and then pressing upon it even when the actor has visibly become uncomfortable is just unethical journalism and not a nice behaviour in general.

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4. Dhanush Walked Out After Calling Interview Stupid:

In mid-2017, Dhanush had a few controversies with the Suchi leaks and rumours of family troubles emerging. When a TV9 Telugu interview was released it showed the actor leaving interview mid-way when the interviewer kept asking about his ‘mental agony’ during the leaks and the dam broke when the interviewer touched upon the topic of whether his “family life was at stake”.

Dhanush immediately left the interview after stating that “This is a really stupid interview.”

5. Prakash Raj Walked Out Of An Interview:

Prakash Raj walked out of a 2016 interview with Janasri News, a Kannada channel when the interviewer asked “What do you think of the Cauvery issue. Is the Supreme Court right or wrong? You think there will be a solution and who is being a hindrance- Tamil Nadu or Karnataka?”

To this Prakash Raj replied that “actor, director, producer Prakash Raj is here to talk about films and not about governance. This issue is a very important, deep and sensitive topic and not just something that is affecting the farmers. A person answering such questions must talk with a sense of responsibility. Please do not ask me questions like these during an interview for my film.”

These few instances show the times when interviewers in their bid to get the hot gossip or to get the actor to make just that small slip and say something controversial, cross the line of ethical journalism.

Each channel and journalist wants to be called the next greatest thing, to get the scoop before anyone else and have their TRP go sky-rocket. But they should also maintain a certain line of decency wherein they don’t make the other person so uncomfortable.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Telegraph India, Times of India, The Guardian

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