It is quite interesting to see how gullible and naive the Indian population can be. Not that it is only an Indian who’s that way though.

From what I am seeing of the global news, these people exist everywhere, whether in powerful places like America or our own desi India.

All it takes are some statements worded to impact us in the most precise place and we are gone and done for. Be it news reporters playing on our fears, politicians making empty promises about a life of ease and progress or anyone else even.

Sometimes it is surely a sight to see how many times the Indian population can be fooled into thinking something is a particular thing when it might be the farthest thing from the truth.

1. When We Were Sold Demonetisation And Its Supposed Benefits

The concept of demonetisation was introduced to the Indian public with a suddenness none of us saw coming.

On 8th November 2016, PM Modi unexpectedly announced via a televised announcement that from the next day, banknotes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 were invalid.

This resulted in almost 86% of the circulating currency in the country to be instantly considered null and void. The Indian government stated that this move was brought about to fight black money and corruption problems in the country.

Demonetisation brought about a wave of confusion, fear and panic among the general public, who suddenly had no money of value. Scores of lines stretched out in front of every single bank in India, with people standing for hours upon hours getting their invalid notes changed to new ones.

The government reportedly said that this move would help to reduce black money and fake currency and also lead India onto a digital path through e-payments, e-wallets and more.

However, many reports since then have revealed that none of this happened and demonetisation itself did not really fix the black money problem.

Instead, it only led to an economic slowdown, with the note ban itself taking off over 2% of the country’s economic activity between the months of November and December in 2016.

In an ET report in 2019, some RBI directors even stated that “Most of the black money is held not in cash but in the form of real sector assets such as gold or real estate and this move would not have a material impact on the assets.”

2. When We Fell For The Politically Motivated #JusticeforSSR Campaign

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death was a tragic event, but more disheartening was how some political people tried to use it to their own benefit.

The Bihar elections have already been linked with the case, along with other political motivations.

In our grief over a talented person’s untimely and unfair demise, many people were led to fight for the #JusticeforSSR tag without really knowing the full facts.

3. When The Hathras Victim Was Cremated And UP Police Said There Was No Rape

The Hathras gang-rape case is one piece of news that has not received the public attention it should have. There are so many things wrong here that were done by authorities yet people did not pay attention.

Not only did the Uttar Pradesh Police cremate the girl’s body late at night without family members present and without proper rituals, reports stated that the police, later on, said that the forensic report claimed that she was not raped.

Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar said, “The FSL (Forensic Science Laboratory) report hasn’t found sperm in samples, making it clear that some people twisted the matter to stir caste-based tension,” and that the police will identify the culprits and legal action will be taken against them.

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4. When Justice Loya Was Claimed To Have Died By Heart Attack And Not Political Murder

In 2018, after investigating the sudden death of special CBI judge B H Loya, it was found that he might have died from poisoning instead of a heart attack as was being widely spread around.

There was a lot of conspiracy around Justice Loya’s death since he was the special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) judge in charge of the case against BJP’s Amit Shah and various Gujarat police officers’ involvement in the alleged fake encounter of Sohrabuddin Sheikh and his wife Kauser Bi in 2005.

5. When Republic TV And Times Now Try And Show They Are Doing Journalism For The Sake Of The Country

No one really needs to know how news channels like Republic TV, Times Now and more are on a trail of toxic content. They choose to focus on issues that are not important to the larger public at hand and waste away time focusing on conspiracy theories and more.

So these were a few times when the Indian public was made into fools and many of us fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Let us know in the comments below if we missed any other incidents like these.

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Sources: The Economic Times, Scroll, Business Standard

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