Being a night owl is awesome, and it is really sad that most people prefer to waste it away by sleeping.

Don’t get me wrong, sleeping is amazing too, but why sleep when the night is just there, with everything quite, no noise, no traffic, no people. Just you and your laptop or a million other things that you can do.

Sure there are limitations to being a night owl too, as during office days or exam times you have to make sure that you go to sleep at a reasonable so that you are not useless the next day.

But during weekends or holidays, when there are no obligations to wake up early next day, no alarms, no nothing, those are the times when night owls come out to truly embrace the night.

Now, there are the common and mainstream things like binge watching something on Netflix or just randomly browsing the net.

But there are also a few things that you can do in the night that makes being a night-owl so much better:

1. Create A New Dish:

The night and the kitchen are your playfields, my friend. No mother or servant to take up space or nag you of how you are being in the way.

You can try and create an entirely new and original dish.

Take your time and add whichever ingredient you want, explore and experiment with different flavours and textures without having any time limit.

2. Make A Piece Of Art:

What better way to unleash your creativity than by creating the next masterpiece of art.

Take out your arts and craft and get going.

There is no stop on what you can or cannot make, watch tutorials, experiment or even just create something abstract.

You can even take your old clothes and make something fashionable out of them.

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3. Sort Out Your Wardrobe:

Wardrobe, desk, study table, doesn’t really matter here.

Again as per the first point, during the night there is no one around you, so no one to scold you about how you are a creating a mess everywhere.

4. Work On A Long Forgotten Project:

A good and productive thing if you are a night owl would be to bring back a long forgotten project.

It does not necessarily have to do with your job or college studies, but can be something you had an interest in and started but forgot to complete it.

5. Learn Something:

A favourite of mine and something I myself like to do is use the night time to learn something new.

Be it a new language or how to operate a new software, or how to edit a video, or any other number of things.

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