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5 Public Speaking Lessons From ‘Master Your Stutter’ Coach Daniel Francis


The thought of public speaking can reduce the most confident and self-assured person into a quivering wreck. Speaking with authority and conviction in front of a crowd can take nerves of steel even for the most accomplished speaker, but when you suffer from a stutter, it can feel like an almost insurmountable task. 

Entrepreneur and public speaking coach Daniel Francis has helped hundreds of individuals overcome their speech impediment through the power of public speaking. The 27-year-old Canadian overcame his own stutter, not through speech therapy or technological aids, but through finding his voice in front of other people. In a recent conversation, Daniel shared five of his most practiced and polished tips when it comes to the art of public speaking and how it can help boost your confidence. 

Communication Is Key 

We are all impressed by people who are good at public speaking. They exude a sense of calm, charisma, and confidence that is universally appealing. Most of all, we admire how they can communicate in such a direct and concise manner. “Concentrating on what you are trying to communicate is key to all public speaking. It’s never a good idea to focus solely on the audience or the situation. The magic is in the message, concentrate on that, and you’ll find how you deliver it will become more and more natural until it is effortless,” pointed Daniel.

Experience Builds Confidence 

Daniel shared, “By learning the mechanics and strategy behind public speaking, an individual is subconsciously tackling any obstacles and insecurities that may hinder them in their day to day life communication.” Adopting a professional approach to increasing their fluency and focusing on the problematic areas where they struggle and stammer, an individual is slowly transforming the way they speak in private and in public. 

Courage Is Not The Absence Of Fear 

Even the most polished public speakers can suffer from stage fright. Yet that fear is nothing to be scared of. “Welcome it with open arms, own it, and make it work for you. Do not let fear paralyze you, steal the words from your mouth, or prevent you from fulfilling your potential,” explained Daniel. Just as the longest journey begins with the smallest step, the finest speech starts with a single word. Find your courage to get up there and speak, and that bravery will build its own momentum. 

Do Not Project Your Fear Onto The Audience

Nothing can quite induce anxiety in a public speaker like an expectant audience. When a group of people is waiting on your every word, it is a nerve-wracking experience. Yet do not make the mistake of perceiving the audience as hostile before you have even set foot on the stage. Daniel shared that “You must regard the audience as your friends, or at the very least, a receptive bunch who your words can win over. If the audience senses your lack of confidence in them, how can they have any confidence in you?” 

Practice Makes Perfect 

It’s a tried and tested truism that increased competence leads to increased confidence. The more you speak in public, the more you will want to speak in public. “Public speaking is not rocket science. Anyone can do it. You just need to hold your nerve, take the plunge and go for it, and if at first, you fail, perseverance and tenacity will win the day,” concluded Daniel Francis.

If you want more information you can contact Daniel at or email him at 

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