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HouseofCB.com.au To Distribute 10 Million U.S. Dollars In Coupons On Black Friday


Who doesn’t like discounts, sales or coupons? Especially when they are for their favourite brand of clothing, footwear or mobile phones. Well, House of CB has some exciting plans for people on Black Friday. This is something people should not miss at all!

House of CB is planning to distribute 10 million US Dollars in coupons through their application on Black Friday. If you are wondering how to get your hands on them, well you need to have the application on your phones. Who wants to miss the fashionable and trending clothing they have? It’s one in a lifetime opportunity. 

Scan the QR code below to download our official APP directly!!!20% OFF FOR APP USERS.Hurry up action!!!QR code supports downloading for Android and IOS users.

Due to the pandemic, a lot of people want to change in their life. What’s better than having some new clothes? If you have second thoughts, let us tell you everything about House of CB. It’s an Australian women’s fashion retailer that started in 2005. For the past 15 years, they are at their top games and always made their customers happy. Their brand has clothes for females from the age of 16-45.

One can get everything there along with normal good quality clothes. They also have swimwear, shoes and accessories. Every company has something that makes them stand out in the market. For House of CB, it’s their tight-fitting dress. As they describe it, “With its unique creativity and perfect interpretation of the female figure, it is highly sought after by the fashion industry.”

House of CB is quite popular worldwide. They have more than 300 online stores s in the United States, Italy, France, Canada, Australia and other countries. The good thing is they sell their products globally.

So don’t waste any time and download their app right away either on Apple Store or Google Play. Login in and enjoy this little happiness amid the pandemic we are dealing since months. After all, who doesn’t want their hands on some good coupons?

Media Contact:

Business name: houseofcb international limited

Phone: 61 (08) 9042 0628

Email: service@houseofcb.com.au

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