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T1 Advertising CEO Thomas Herd Announces New London Office


 A company that has experienced meteoric growth in a remarkably short amount of time due to its unique approach to digital marketing is set to disrupt the London establishment. T1 Advertising—led by CEO Thomas Herd who doubles as a digital marketing columnist for Forbes magazine—is for the first time set to transfer its proven scientific solutions that have worked so well for thousands of American clients to the European market at macro scale. The company has had proven success across major international markets and is determined to reimagine the scope and influence of its disruptive business model by introducing it to additional key markets. 

T1’s recent European launch means that clients will be able to access risk-free, guaranteed growth solutions, at a time when thousands of businesses are urgently in need of services conducive for success in today’s digital market. It also means that competitor agencies will no longer be able to sell clients empty value packages, based on ephemeral hope. Particularly during pandemic times, entrepreneurs and business owners will benefit from Herd´s unparalleled scientific methodology.

The company’s disruptive business model, as developed by Herd, entails risk-free programmes that clients can venture into for every aspect of digital growth, whether it be Instagram growth, customer acquisition/revenue growth, and press.

The most attractive feature perhaps, is the fact that if clients don’t receive the results they sign up for, they are refunded pro rata to the degree of shortcoming. 

Thanks to this bold and innovative system, it is virtually impossible for clients to lose and ensures T1 only prospers if its clients prosper.

The end result is a modernised system of enabling the economy on a large scale to move into the digital economy without the traditional burden of risk it has assumed to date. 

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