Let us be honest, some Bollywood movies out are capable of making you roll on the floor, laughing! Note that not all of them were intentionally funny. Some of them just ended up being funny.

Without further ado, let’s see the list –

1) Karzzzz –

Let us begin with the title – Karzzzz. I do not know what is up with the four Zs – was it a sleazy typo that nobody bothered about?

Well, not that I expect them to ‘bother’ because this movie revolves around reincarnation – Himesh Reshammiya’s character is the protagonist, who suddenly dies and is re-born as one of the most celebrated rock stars! Not to forget there is a very annoying song in this movie called “Tandoori Night”.

Eye bleach.

2) Tarzan The Wonder Car –

This film was way ahead of its time. In this movie, Ajay Devgn, the protagonist, plays the role of a brilliant scientist. He dies and is reincarnated as a “race car”. Yes, a race car.

Go over it again and again.

I do not think I have to elaborate as to WHY it is ridiculously funny.

3) Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani –

If you have watched this movie and thought it was a hilarious parody of the Hollywood hit The Matrix, you are right and WRONG!

It was not a parody (certainly not made to be one, originally).

Both Akshay Kumar and Sonu Nigam learnt valuable lessons by saying yes to this movie. It had everything that it needed – cringe-worthy dialogues, loose script, horrible and lazy VFX work, and underperformance to produce a flop.

However, thanks to this brilliant movie, we got to enjoy a lot of memes.

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4) Ajnabee –

I quite enjoyed this movie. It got all concepts hilariously wrong.

Bipasha Basu’s failed attempt at seducing a piano (yes you read it right), was painful to watch. So painful that it made me laugh. Also, they tried the concept of “wife exchange” that was off-putting and completely cringe – enough to make you laugh and wonder why!

5) Prince –

This is a movie that is actually entertaining – as a game! If you are bored at home or with friends at a house party, you could easily make this a drinking game.

You try to guess which scene is borrowed from which foreign film – ones who get it right, take a shot!

Imagine a movie that mashed horribly scripted desi action movies and a few popular and critically acclaimed Hollywood action films, couple it with Vivek Oberoi playing the lead role of a spy who somehow lost his memory and sprinkles it with awful costumes, songs and dialogues – there you go! That is Prince for you.

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