Every language has its own essence, charm and cultural history. The fact is universal even for vernacular languages. Be it Hindi, Bengali, Tamil or Ol Chiki – every language has its own significance and thorough prospect.

Post colonial India has a notion of putting a lot of emphasis on the English language. In this very process, sometimes, we Indians tend to forget the significance of our mother tongues and other vernacular languages.

There is a common notion that people who are accomplished English speakers stand a greater chance of getting prestigious jobs than people who are not fluent in English and express themselves mostly in Indian languages. 

According to Wikipedia, “The insidious aspects of this linguistic discrimination in various situations can prove detrimental to those students who struggle to learn the English language to be in the race with English speakers.”

But the good news is, times are changing.

The priority of regional languages is increasing day by day, expanding their scope. 

On Hindi Diwas, let’s explore some of the bright career opportunities Hindi scholars can opt for.

#1. Screen-play writers:

The students who want to be screen-play writers can benefit from an academic background in Hindi language. If you are interested in Bollywood and wish to make a career out of script-writing for Hindi advertisements, films, documentaries and radio-plays, then the opportunity is worth pursuing. 

#2. Subject-matter experts and Hindi journalists:

As a subject-matter expert (SME), a Hindi scholar can work with educational companies that cater to developing curriculum content for textbooks, teacher manuals and educational videos for students.

Print, electronic, digital journalism is an already thriving career opportunity with various new media organisations having their digital news portals in Hindi. 

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#3. Lecturer-ship:

As learning Hindi is being acclaimed these days, Hindi teaching has become imperative. India needs Hindi scholars who can educate the next generation. Hence, lecturer-ship is a lucrative career option for those who want to pursue a career in Hindi language and literature.

#4. Copywriters:

In the sphere of marketing, the demand for copywriters to market different products is high. Employers usually look for creative writers to join their marketing teams. Hindi copywriting can be considered as another career opportunity for aspirants.

#5. Dubbing artists:

One of the positive aspects of globalisation is that the world is now exposed to a variety of content. Films, documentaries, cartoons – enormous content is being accessed by people from different parts of the world.

Due to this, the dubbing business is flourishing and our country needs Hindi dubbing artists to help the audience access global content with literally no language barrier.

What is your opinion about learning Hindi and opting for a career pertaining to the very subject? Share your views in the comment box.

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