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Here’s How You Can Make a Traveller’s Journey Miserable


The shackles of monotonous life bubbling irritation and anger dies away with the thought of a vacation. This contagious feeling spreads through the entire body as the adrenaline rush kicks in.


This behaviour has been noticed to rise during the festive seasons and holidays.

Following few symptoms might help you identify such people:

  • Over excited and Enthusiastic about everything
  • Happiness is their cousin
  • Energetic in their endeavours

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So, my fellow friends, open your eyes and be on a lookout for these sick people.

The roadblock faced by the people suffering from this disease is during their journeys. That’s when they can be made to question their plan. Out of all, train journeys have proved to be the most effective as it breaks the will of an individual.

Here’s how you can make a traveller’s journey miserable:

  1. Loud Noise

There’s always this one person in the whole compartment who will talk loudly for the sole reason of making you hear. This person seeking validation from random unknown strangers is the best cure for such happy excited travelers.


  1. By Being yourself

Sometimes if you discard all your social obligations of pretending to be nice and act as your usual self; it would be enough to repel such sick people. Playing loud music without any consideration about other people or smelling bad on an account of water shortage (maybe) would be the best way to go.

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  1. Being Too Hasty

On contemplation if you find yourself in the category of people who lack patience then, your demeanor could be an antidote. For we all hate it when you take too long to put your luggage at the prescribed area or make the whole compartment wait while you block the way.

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  1. Playing the victim

Upon these journeys they also tend to find people who pretend to be the victims of the situations. They are always out to gain something and never have been dependent upon themselves.

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  1. Kids

Kids are highly volatile creatures which can erupt without any notice. Just when these people drunk on the idea of a vacation fall asleep, use your kids cry to wake them up which only make them pull theirs hairs.

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If you did ask me, I would personally suggest you to stay away from people affected by this particular disease as their passion and drive seems contagious while their stories right out of fairy tales. It might just leave you with an urge of having it too.

Mudit Agarwal
Mudit Agarwal
Sailing on a strange yet common quest to discover the infinite possibilities of life


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